When one thinks of Amsterdam canals, Van Gogh and hazy coffee shops immediately come to mind; but the place it holds as one of the cities with the best nightlife in the world should not be overlooked either. What really sets the “Dam” apart from the rest is its vibrant and exciting live music scene. Join our Free Amsterdam Live Music Tour, the first free live music tour in the world, and enjoy a night of great live music that no other city in Europe can offer!

Navigate the Leidsplein the southern part of the city center, and let our guides take you to some of the most exciting hidden music venues in town. Warm up for the night at the Waterhole, a club that has been one of Amsterdam’s favorites for over quarter of a Century. If you haven’t eaten, here you’ll be able to have delicious finger food and snacks, fresh from the kitchen, as you listen to the live gig, which can range from garage bands to funk or rock.

After that we will take you to three different venues, that will vary depending on availability, group size and what is on. But you can expect anything from listening to smooth jazz in a living room style cafe, to a heritage blues bar where artists of the stature of B.B. King or Sting have performed several times, or a jazz bar that refused to close doors even during WWII. We will then finish the tour at Piano Bar which is famous for some amazing performances by great known and up-and-coming artists as well as for getting the guests to sing along by playing the all time favorites on the piano. Don’t be shy, request your favorite song and be the star for a day!

On our Free Amsterdam Live Music Tour you will navigate the sounds of the Lowlands, and you will understand why in the last 40 years the “Dam” has been a definite stop in the international music trail. For, if nothing else, the dutch are great music lovers, and they certainly can’t live without live music!

*Most of the venues we will go to have free entry, but occasionally you might have to pay up to 5€. Beers are around 3€ and a mixer is 7-10€. A delicious portion of bitterballs is around 4€. You can pay with card but it’s far more convenient to pay cash as some places may ask for a minimum to use card. Please note that since some of the bars that we visit don't accept minors the Free Live Music Tour can only be attended by people over the age of 18.