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Far away from hectic Cairo, and less focused on mass tourism than Luxor and Aswan, the laid-back coastal Alexandria has a quiet and authentic ambience that captivates many tourists. If you want to discover the most romantic and Mediterranean side of Egypt, far away from the dust of the desert, come sightseeing with a local guide joining Free Walking Tours of Alexandria. These educational and fun walks have been designed by expert local guides to provide unforgettable experiences. For those who have just arrived or want to rediscover the city, we recommend the Essential Free Tour in Alexandria. This easy Alexandria City Tour is perfect for discovering the city center main highlights, as well as the history of this stunning city, founded by Alexander the Great and home of the greatest scientific and philosophical minds of Antiquity. The Free Food Tour of Alexandria is also a good opportunity to discover the flavors of Northern Egypt.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Alexandria

Alexandria was best-known for the magnificent Great Library and the Lighthouse, but the former was destroyed to the ground by a blazing fire and the latter collapsed in an earthquake. Fortunately, modern Alexandria offers a trove of attractions that will amaze adventurous travelers. An Alexandria Free Walking Tour will give you a glimpse of this wonderful city's history in the most authentic and engaging way. The most important highlight in the city is the modern Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the new institution built in the same spot as the legendary Library. The Citadel of Qaitbay is the 15th-century fortress that dominates the peaceful Corniche. The Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa are such an impressive attraction that they were considered one the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages. Other important sights are the Alexandria National Museum, the neighborhood and archaeological site of Kom Ad Dikah, Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, and Montazah Gardens.

Things to Do in Alexandria

Alexandria is the perfect destination for those who want to unwind for several days in a peaceful environment; but, at the same time, Alexandria is also the second biggest city in Egypt, so there are also lots of attractions, free tours and activities to join! Alexandria is a beautiful city where you can try unique dishes in Egypt. Take a seat in one of the many restaurants along the Corniche to enjoy delicious fresh grilled fish, or take a stroll along the city center to explore Alexandria’s amazing café culture. There are also charming tea shops where you can smoke shisha while nibbling at a pastry. For something special, you can hire a private boat and sail along the Corniche. Alexandria is also the perfect starting point for those adventurers who want to explore the lesser-visited deserts next to the Libyan border. Vans and buses heading to Siwa Oasis depart from Alexandria.

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