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  • Step off the tourist paths and delve into Venice's hidden corners with a passionate guide.
  • Indulge in the darker tales of Venice and hear about the Black Death, that ravaged the city in the 14th century.
  • Discover traditional Venetian craftsmanship up close with a visit to a specialized gondola workshop.
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In Venice, the City of Canals, every winding waterway seems to whisper secrets from a bygone era! Known for its majestic St. Mark's Square and romantic gondola rides, Venice offers something more—its enigmatic lesser-known facets, waiting to be explored by curious souls. Unveil the real Venice that only locals know about on the Unknown Venice Free Tour! Leave behind the bustling crowds at popular tourist spots and venture into the hidden alleys and quieter canals of La Serenissima. Starting from the intriguing San Simeone Piccolo Church in the Santa Croce neighborhood, this unique experience invites wanderers and history buffs to dive deep into Venice's less frequented but equally mesmerizing corners.

Imagine standing on the banks of the Gran Canal, feeling the echo of centuries as you delve into the devastating impact of the Black Death that swept through Venice in the 14th century. Moving away from the grim past, stroll into the vibrant San Polo Neighbourhood. The Campo San Polo serves as the area's nerve center, pulsating with life and teeming with local bars where you can savor local life. As you meander through narrow lanes and across charming bridges, you'll also come across a traditional Venetian Squero (Gondola Workshop). Ever wondered where Venice's iconic gondolas come from? At a squero, these romantic boats come to life, each crafted with a blend of passion and age-old tradition.

Then, as the journey nears its finale, find yourself standing before the art-rich Accademia Gallery, a treasure trove for art lovers. But that's not all! The tour concludes in the enchanting Dorsoduro neighborhood by the grand Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. Beyond its imposing façade lie tales and legends that make it more than just a religious edifice. The Unknown Venice Free Tour is not just another tick off your travel bucket list; it's an unforgettable voyage into the heart of Venice’s mysterious allure. So why wait? Join a local guide and prepare to discover the Venice that travel brochures don't tell you about! Book your spot now and dive into an extraordinary journey that reveals the Venice only the most fortunate get to see.
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