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  • Explore one of the most beautiful Old Towns in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Hear fascinating stories about the multicultural past of Panama in the Cathedral and Bolivar Square.
  • Get an insightful introduction to the dark history of slave trade in the Americas.
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For me was a pleasure, have been chosen as your tour guide in Panama.
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Panama is a natural paradise made for tourism thanks to its spectacular jungles and beaches. And its multicultural capital is just the cherry on top! The new city’s elegant skyscrapers are reminiscent of Miami’s skyline; but the old town, full of elegant colonial architecture, cobbled streets and convents seems to take travelers to Havana. Sign up for the best Essential Free Tour of Panama to visit all the attractions of the Old Town and understand what the city was like before the Canal transformed the country into one of the most international nations in the world. Come for a walk with a local guide passionate about their city, and enjoy the opportunity to get to know Panamanian culture first-hand.

On the Free Essential Tour of Panama, you will get to explore an old town so beautiful that it is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Walking around the spectacular Metropolitan Cathedral, you will hear the peculiar history of a city built specifically to resist the attacks of English pirates, who had previously devastated the other cities. As a result of various fires, the city changed its design and began combining Spanish-style colonial mansions with new neoclassical palaces and even Afro-Caribbean buildings. This cultural diversity distinguishes the old town of Panama from all the others in Latin America, and makes it a unique tourist destination in the world.

During the tour you will visit Bolivar Square, dedicated to the charismatic leader of Latin America's independence fight from Spain. You will also find many palaces, government buildings and religious landmarks that still show the damage caused by the great fires that devastated the city during the 19th century, such as the Church of St. Domingo and its peculiar Flat Arch. Throughout the tour, you will also learn how the city was completely transformed by the Panama Canal. You will understand how the capital became the economic engine of Central America and also an important cultural hub. This tour has to be the best way to spend a day in Panama! So, go ahead and book today!

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