Free Walking Tours Moscow

Discover an enchanting city like no other, home to the Muscovites and the center of all political, cultural, and economic life in Russia: from the dazzling domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral to the city’s many “underground museums” metro stations.

Explore Moscow’s captivating transformation over the past 1,000 years, and relive the joys of its victories, the horrors of political terror, and the realities of a utopian society. Learn how Russia, once a rural and mostly uneducated country, went from living under the rule of an absolute monarchy, to behind the Iron Curtain during the 20th century.

What are your Free Tour options in Moscow?

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What are your Free Tour options in Moscow?

There are so many free walking tours you can join in Moscow!

Founded just next to Moskva River, the cosmopolitan capital of Russia is a crossroad of Asian and European influences. With a history dating 800 years back, Moscow is home to delicate Orthodox churches as well as colorless soviet-era buildings, stunning museums and shockingly huge mausoleums.

Apart from its turbulent past, modern Moscow is packed with cultural activities, world-class museums, surprising traditions, and it is also renowned for being a shopper’s paradise for all budgets!

Get the perfect introduction to Moscow’s rich artistic heritage with a free walking tour covering some of these must-see highlights:

  • The very heart of Russia’s political power: Moscow’s extensive Red Square, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1990 just next to the Kremlin.
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral, an iconic sight thanks to its colorful spires famous for resisting Napoleon’s invasion.
  • Imposing Vladimir Lenin’s mausoleum, the final resting place of the founder of the Soviet Union.

Other famous landmarks you can’t miss in your free city tour in Moscow are just a walk away from the Red Square.

Enjoy some history-infused retail therapy at GUM Department Store, the magnificent emporium that emerged after the Revolution of 1917. Or witness the glamorous vibe of Moscow strolling along the upscale boutiques at Tverskaya Street.

If you fancy something a bit more economical, go to Revolution Square to start your free tour of the most lavish subway stations in the world. These “palaces of the people” are awe-inspiring majestic hallways where you can see locals rushing to take their trains!

Also, if you are a classical music lover, do not miss the opportunity to visit Bolshoi Theater, the landmark edifice home to some of the most groundbreaking cultural productions in the history of opera and ballet.

From here, stroll through the lovely Alexander Gardens, the first public park in the city, or walk along the lovely riverside to one of the city’s finest art institutions, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

More Free Tours in Moscow

Most of the landmarks and attractions in Moscow are within walking distance around the Red Square. The ones that are not can be easily accessed by metro. So, getting around the city and seeing all the sights can be done quite inexpensively!

Historic Center Free Walking Tour of Moscow

Get to know the capital of Russia in this Essential Free Tour of Moscow. Visit the main historical attractions of the city center, such as: Red Square; the St. Basil’s Cathedral; the exteriors of the Kremlin fortress; the charming Alexander Gardens or the historic GUM shops. Learn about the culture and history of this magnificent city!

Moscow Free Walking Tour

Discover Moscow: the capital of Russia, rich in cultural heritage, history and a city that boasts the most impressive metro system in the world. A walking tour of the city where the Moskva river flows.

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