Join our Free Barranco by Night Tour and have an unforgettable evening going from bar to bar, from drink to drink, in the most beautiful and charismatic neighborhood in Lima. The Barranco District has its origins in the beginning of the 19th Century when the enlightened movement arrived in Peru and with it a new importance was placed in health and hygiene. In Barranco the air was cleaner and purer, and the sun shone more than it did in grey Lima, therefore it became the perfect placer to combat the so feared tuberculosis. With time the city grew and Barronco became just one more neighborhood of the great metropolis. However, it always was, and still is, a different neighborhood, the place where artists, writers and poets chose to live.

Learn how to prepare your own Chilcano de Pisco, one of the most refreshing and traditional drinks in Peru. After walking through the Municipal Barranco Park, some beautiful gardens inaugurated in 1898, we’ll arrive at the Barranco Beer Company, a craft beer brewery where your beer will be served directly from the barrels where it has been brewed, a real haven for beer lovers!

Our next stop will be the famous Ayahuasca, an espectacular 19th Century mansion transformed into a bar and decorated with traditional Peruvian culture artifacts. It’s a very attractive, cosy and different club which has become a referent of the city since it opened back in 2008. We will then cross the Bridge of Sighs holding our breaths so that our wishes are granted and then we’ll arrive at Santos Café & Espirituosos where we will learn to make a Pisco Sour, Peru’s national drink.

On our Free Barranco by Night Tour you will immerse yourself in a neighborhood which is as emblematic as it is beautiful, you will learn how to make the most popular cocktails in Peru, you will try local craft beer, and you will meet new people in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Without doubt this has to be the best way to spend an evening in Lima!