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Best Free Tours in Lagos

Located in the western Algarve region of Portugal, Lagos is known for its beautiful beaches with rocky formations and steep cliffs, as well as its rich history. It is the perfect destination for tourists looking to explore a beautiful city and booking one of the many free walking tours in Lagos is the best way to cover it all! The Essential Lagos City Tour is a great way to get acquainted with the cobbled streets of the old town. You’ll visit iconic sites while learning about the city’s past from your knowledgeable guide. If you’re looking for something more unique, then consider taking the Free Myths and Legends Tour of Lagos. This night tour will take you on a journey through time as you learn about the crimes, mysteries and murders that have shaped this ancient city. Your guide will bring these stories to life so you can enjoy a spooky night! Booking one of these free walking tours in Lagos is an excellent way to get an insider’s look at this beautiful city while learning about its fascinating history. So if you’re planning a trip to Portugal, make sure to add a Lagos free walking tour to your itinerary!

Highlights of a Free Tour in Lagos

Lagos was once a major port during Portugal’s Age of Discovery, and today it offers visitors an abundance of natural beauty and cultural landmarks. Join free tours in Lagos and explore its many attractions! The Gil Eannes Square is a great place to start your exploration. Here you’ll learn that Lagos is the port where the first enslaved Africans disembarked from Portuguese ships in 1444, marking the very beginning of the transatlantic slave trade. A stop at the ancient Slave Market, the place slaves were once sold and traded, will offer more insights into this dramatic period of Portuguese history. The Castle is another must-see attraction in Lagos; it was built by Portuguese settlers as a defense against pirates and other invaders, and its walls once surrounded the entire city of Lagos. For those interested in learning more about Lagos’ past, there are several stops on free tours that provide insight into the city’s history, such as the Fort of Ponta da Bandeira and the Church of St. Anthony. Visiting these attractions will give tourists an appreciation for all that Lagos has to offer: stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture. Joining free tours in Lagos will help make your experience even more memorable!

Things to Do in Lagos

From kayaking and boat trips to exploring the old town and sunbathing on the beach, there are plenty of things to do in Lagos that will make your trip unforgettable. For those looking for outdoor adventure, one of the most popular attractions in Lagos is Ponta da Piedade headland, which offers stunning views of the ocean and nearby cliffs. There are also several hiking trails worth checking, including Seven Hanging Valleys Trail and Praia da Dona Ana beach. Additionally, visitors should not miss out on exploring Benagil Cave by kayak or boat tour – it’s one of the most iconic sights in Portugal! For foodies, Lagos has plenty to offer with its fresh seafood dishes and local farmers’ markets where you can find delicious produce. There are also several guided food tours available that will take you around the city tasting some of its best culinary offerings. Visitors can also explore the coffee scene at one of the many quaint cafés in the city center. End your journey in Algarve by exploring the history and traditions of the region at Portimau Museum. Here, you can gain a deeper understanding of centuries-old fishing and canning practices through displays from an old sardine factory. An enriching experience awaits you!

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