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Whether you’re an avid nature adventurer, a traveler in need of a relaxing getaway, or an art enthusiast seeking for inspiration, Copenhagen has everything you could be looking for. This fascinating city has a history that dates back to the Vikings; mixed with its medieval flair, it will mesmerize anyone who visits.

This beautiful metropolis is the home to some of the most amazing sights in Denmark including the Rosenborg Castle, Little Mermaid sculpture, and Nyhavn Harbor.

What are your Free Tour options in Copenhagen?

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Which are the Best Free Tours in Copenhagen?

Come and discover the famous capital of Denmark, a sustainable, relaxed city that consistently ranks as one the happiest in the world!

Visit Copenhagen in the company of one or several experienced English speaking guides who will take you to every landmark in the city.

These are some of the amazing must-see places you will get to know in-depth in a Free Tour:

  • One of Copenhagen’s oldest royal parks is home to the fairy-tale Renaissance Rosenborg Castle, where you will enjoy lavish environments and learn about the history of the Danish Royal Family.
  • The picture-postcard Nyhavn Harbor, a tourist must-go destination where narrow colorful traditional houses flank charming boutiques and cafés.
  • Frederiksstaden, a stunning 18th-century district full of rococo wonders and home to the royal family’s Amalienborg Palace.
  • For art lovers looking for an out-of-the-beaten-path Free Tour of Copenhagen, go to cool Jægersborggade, undoubtedly the hippest and trendiest street in Denmark.

This colorful city boasts of a long history dating back to the Vikings. From a small fishing village, Copenhagen eventually developed into a flourishing commercial hub, and by the early 15th century, it had consolidated its status as the cultural, economical and military center of Scandinavia.

Since the 20th century, Copenhagen has been known as a thriving industrial and administrative city, with some of the most attractive museums and cultural institutions in the North of Europe.

Tivoli Gardens, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek or the world-famous statue of the Little Mermaid are other tourist hot spots not to be missed in your visit to Copenhagen.

Not surprisingly, some of the best nightlife in Denmark can be found in this capital city. Even during the weekdays, Copenhagen is bustling with life during the night in every bar, restaurant, and pub.

Choose your perfect Free Tour and get to know this amazing city, its history and culture. You won’t ever want to leave Copenhagen!

More Free Tours in Copenhagen

With a world-class public transport Copenhagen is a compact, well-communicated capital where most landmarks are just a bus ride or a walk away. Join several Free Walking Tours and have fun strolling around this unique city and seeing all the sights inexpensively!

Copenhagen Free Walking Tour

If you don’t have much time to spare in the city and you want to visit the main places as well as returning home with many fond memories without missing anything then our tour is the best pick ensuring that you don’t have to hear about anything you’ve missed out on.

Copenhagen Classic Free Walking Tour

If your passion is history, head into and discover the legends of Renaissance Copenhagen, the city of castles and monuments.

Christianshavn Quarter Free Walking Tour

Visit the alternative neighborhood of Copenhagen, Christianshavn, on the outskirts of the city and discover one of its most famous islands.

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