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If you are traveling along wonderful Portugal, Coimbra is a must-visit destination on the road between Lisbon and Porto. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a wealth of tourist attractions on both banks of the Mondego River, including one of the oldest universities in the world. With a compact and walkable old town, Free Walking Tours in Coimbra are perfect to discover the rich history and architecture of this ancient town. If you want to understand the true essence of Portuguese history and lifestyle, we recommend booking an Essential City Tour of Coimbra. This tour led by a passionate local guide will allow you to discover the best historical landmarks of the city at your own pace. Alternatively, there are Free Tours of Coimbra by Night for those who want to explore the city enjoying a magical atmosphere. And travelers with a penchant for the sinister will likely love joining the engaging Free Myths and Legends Tour.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Coimbra

Culture and history lovers can’t miss Free Tours in Coimbra! This city has a splendorous history and was, in fact, the capital of Portugal for many years. The famous Coimbra University, located at the heart of the old town, is a marvel of gothic buildings, towers and stairs so impressive that it reportedly served as inspiration for the Harry Potter saga! Exploring this beloved institution, travelers will come across the Joanina Library, a Baroque building home to more than 250,000 extremely valuable volumes. Nearby you will find a box-shaped structure that many take for a fortress, but don’t be fooled! This strange-looking building is the Romanesque Old Cathedral of Coimbra. The 12th-century Monastery of Santa Cruz is the perfect spot to learn more about the history of the city, since it is the resting place of Portugal’s first two kings. Of course, your trip won’t be complete without crossing the Pedro e Ines Bridge to enjoy amazing views.

Things to Do in Coimbra

After enjoying some fun Coimbra Free Walking Tours, you can still book some cool tourist activities to really make the most of your trip. Coimbra has a wonderful array of traditional restaurants where you can taste ‘bacalhau com nata’ (cod with a creamy sauce), ‘caldo verde’ (green soup), or a delicious ‘pastel de nata’ (egg custard tart pastry). The Machado de Castro National Museum makes for an interesting visit. It’s not only the oldest ancient Roman building preserved in the country, but it also showcases medieval artifacts and part of the old cathedral. Coimbra is also home to a very particular music tradition born in its centuries-old university. Since only men were allowed in the university in the past, the Coimbra fado is traditionally performed only by men dressed in black! If you are lucky enough to book a ticket for a performance, you will probably understand the sadness and ‘saudade’ captured by the most essential Portuguese musical genre.

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