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What to see in Antwerp

Proud locals in Antwerp boast love for their city. With a lot to offer, this Belgium hub of art, history, architecture, diamond-producing, and known to have one of the biggest ports in the world will surprise their visitors, with a welcoming energy and diversity of things to do. Explore this cosmopolitan place and witness its unique sense of colliding personalities; from a historic drive of trade and commerce to a magnetic practice of art, music, and design, Antwerp’s character shines with openness, tradition, ancestral heritage, a vision towards the future, and a cultural dynamism also found in its literature. 

Join the Free Tours of Antwerp to hear fascinating stories of the city’s early settlements, struggles, and growth while learning about Renaissance art, Gothic architecture, and worldwide-known painters such as Van Dyck and Rubens. Stroll around Antwerp’s must-see attractions, get acquainted with its identity, enjoy a vibrant nightlife, try the best food in the country, and discover more in just a few hours by foot!

Free Walking Tours in Antwerp offer a comfortable, fun, and educational closeness to the city’s everyday life. One can encounter many historical footprints in its architectural treasures, museums, squares, churches, opera houses, and monuments. Enjoy wandering through Antwerp’s center with a local!

More Free Tours in Antwerp

See Antwerp by foot and save a few bucks! The foremost way to get a chance to explore a city and learn about its history is by joining one of the free walking tours offered throughout this amazing place. Below you’ll find some of the best ones at your disposal:

Free Historical Tour: Legends of Antwerp

Guides at Legends Tours in Belgium are all about showing their glorious city and culture to visitors from around the world! This daily free walk takes you to Antwerp’s past and present, not without incredible works of art by Rubens, the city’s architectural jewels, excellent culinary delights, and recommendations for lively night activities! 

Evening Free Walking Tour of Antwerp

Dare to join a mysterious night tour if you wish to see Antwerp from a whole new perspective. Walk from Grote Markt Square to hear about the city during the Middle Ages, see the Steen Castle, St. Paul’s Church, and stroll through the Red Light District to understand their nightlife culture. End the tour on top of the MAS museum to enjoy a magnificent overview of the city and the harbor.

Please note Strawberry Tours does not operate the tours listed above, however, we are currently looking for people from all over the world who are excited to show their hometown to others.

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