Join our Free Taco Crawl and enjoy an unforgettable gastronomical evening! Experts say that the Aztec capital has the best street food in the world; so much so that in 2010 tacos were declared a UNESCO World Heritage! Explore, in between munching on tacos, La Colonia Roma, once considered to be one of the most dangerous areas during the 1980s, and now one of the most desirable and trendiest neighbourhoods in the city. Find hidden amongst art galleries and vintage clothing shops some of the best taquerías in the city.

Tacos, made of corn tortillas, are like a blank canvas which allows for a ton of potential and creativity for anyone who makes them. That’s why you can find tacos with great names like “The Lawyer,” which is made of calf tongue and brains! If you like spicy food then you’re in the perfect place to indulge, as Mexican food also happens to be the hottest on the planet. But it’s not all brains and chilis: there are also mild tacos, too! However, should you eat a spicy one by mistake you can always calm your mouth with a cold, refreshing Mexican beer, or some of the many flavours of aguas frescas, which have become a classic in Mexican culture.

This is a free tour which allows you to purchase as much or as little Tacos as you want with the help of our guide who can help you adapt the orders to any diet or preference

Visit different taquerias, try their best tacos and different beers, blend into the hustle and bustle of the city’s coolest neighbourhood, and finish the evening with a good tequila. On our Free Taco Crawl, anyone can become a Mexican for a night!