Catalan cuisine is one of the richest in Spain and Europe. Anchored to its Mediterranean tradition dishes are elaborated with both sea and countryside ingredients, which is why it’s calle cocina de mar i muntanya (cuisine from the sea and the mountain). Moreover it enjoys both tradition and innovation, and innovation that often looks for inspiration in its history. Join our Free Barcelona Tapas Tour and discover a gastronomy which is rooted to a years old of greek and roman tradition but dares to innovate!

Try the delicious pà amb tomaquet (bread with tomato), you may be fooled into thinking that it’s just a tomato spread on bread, but it is so much more! Learn about the tomaquet de penjar, delicious tiny tomatoes grown just to make pà amp tomaquet. Become an expert at drinking wine from the porrón, the recipient that catalans have used to drink wine since approximately the 15th century. Try some of the traditional local dishes in the form of a tapa.

*Why do I have to pay a deposit for the first Drink if it’s a free tour?

In Barcelona bars are plenty but they are also small, that means that in order to ensure your enjoyment we need to limit the group size. In the past we have struggled with this, so by paying 3€ + booking fee for your first drink in advance we know you are committing to the tour and therefore you are helping us facilitate the amazing tapas experience that has made our Tapas Tour the most popular in the city. The drink can be a beer, a glass of wine, vermouth or any soft drink on the menu. If you don’t feel comfortable with paying us a deposit, feel free to book our 3 other tours in Barcelona instead which you can reserve for free. Thanks for your understanding!

You can get a full refund for your €3 if you cancel your booking a minimum of 5 days before departure.

On our Free Barcelona Tapas Tour you will spend an unforgettable evening in which you will visit up to four different bars, you will taste the local Catalan cuisine and traditional Spanish dishes, such as tortilla or Russian salad. You will try the local drinks, local wine and cava, Catalan beer… And you will do it all in a relax and fun atmosphere where you will meet new people from all corners of the world as you navigate, bar to bar, the narrow streets of Barcelona’s old town. The best possible way to spend an evening in Barcelona!

*On our Free Barcelona Tapas Tour you decide how much you eat and how much you spend. Forget about paying an expensive ticket for a tapas tour and being given food that you may not like or are unable to eat because of dietary restrictions. You decide what you eat with the help of our guides and if you get an item from each place you will end up paying around 13€ to 18€ for the whole night, even less if you’re sharing! You are of course absolutely welcome to come along even if you don’t want to eat anything but want to learn about the area and Barcelona’s fascinating food culture.