The Red Light District: Europe’s most infamous neighborhood! A place which as John Green cleverly put it is normally associated with sin, but in truth is a place of freedom, only in freedom most people find sin. Join our Free Red Light District Tour and discover a neighborhood which like no other place in the world portrays the good, the bad and the ugly.

Learn about its seven century old history, how it went from being just a swamp to becoming the poshest neighborhood in the city, to then be abandoned by the richer Amsterdammers in the 17th Century and re-inhabited by sailors and hard laborers, both trades renown to enjoy the pleasures of the forbidden; the degradation and the legend of the neighborhood had begun. From then on pimps, prostitutes and a very exuberant black market took over the area. As early as the 19th Century it already started to attract tourists from all over the world who wanted to taste its fruits, relish in its exotic shows and haze in its opium dents. The 20th Century saw the toughest times for the area due to the heroin epidemic of the 80’s and 90’s. Nowadays, however, it is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, with the Dutch authorities having been able to maintain the freedom whilst keeping the area out of the hands of criminals.

*Why do I have to pay a reservation fee of €2 if it’s a free tour?

The City of Amsterdam has implemented a limit of how many customers are allowed per tour group. Companies that do not follow these new regulations face significant fines. As we need to know exactly how many customers are joining our tour we have had to introduce a reservation fee of €2 per person. We welcome this initiative of the City of Amsterdam as it ensures that you can have a better experience in a smaller group of maximum 20 people. If you don’t feel comfortable with paying us a deposit, feel free to book any our 3 other tours in Amsterdam instead, which you can reserve for free. Thank you for your understanding!

You can get a full refund for your €2 if you cancel your booking a minimum of 5 days before departure.

Explore the area and unveil all its secrets from past to new. Walk through the Old Church Square and learn of all the clever ways the church used in order to not loose its revenue. Walk pass the only place in the world where a father can spend time with a prostitute, confess his sins and with a clean soul (though possibly not such a clean conscience) pick his kid up from day care. Discover its most famous cafes, for all sorts of different reasons, and hear all the stories they tell.

The Red Light District is a truly fascinating place, where with the right guidance one can discover much more than meets the eye. Throughout the centuries it has attracted all sorts of people from all sorts of places and many stories, told or untold, happened there and only there. It is an area with many faces and in our Free Red Light District Tour we will unmask them all!