Free Red Light District Tour Amsterdam

2.5 Hours
2.5 Hours

Free Red Light District Tour Amsterdam

  • Explore Amsterdam's Red Light District, diving into its history and societal intricacies in a relaxed and respectful setting.
  • Learn about the realities of legalized prostitution, from taxes to mafias and personal choices.
  • Uncover places like La Condomerie and the district nursery, and get the scoop on the hottest shows and clubs.
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Tour Features

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Erotic Museum

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Sex Museum

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Basilica of Saint Nicholas

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Museum Our Lord in the Attic

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Prostitute Information Center

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Schreierstoren (Weeping Tower)

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Oude Kerk (Old Church)

These are some of the features your tour might include, but please bear in mind that every guide create their unique itinerary to provide the best possible experience.

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Amsterdam’s Red-Light District has been a subject of fascination for years. Located in the oldest part of Amsterdam, this lively district is not as seedy as it sounds. Here you’ll find an open-minded place where the local sex industry and historical monuments stand side by side. The Free Red Light District Tour Amsterdam has been designed to be the perfect introduction to the main landmarks as well as allow visitors to delve deeper into its history and discover its best kept secrets. Most tours will begin just outside the main area of the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, one of the most breathtaking structures in the city. It’s a good setting for an introduction to the area, where it is believed that prostitutes have been working as far back as the 15th century.

Following this fascinating introduction, guests on the Free Amsterdam Red Light District Tour will navigate their way towards the heart of the Red-Light District, passing by the famous Sex Museum, the first of its kind in the world. This museum offers visitors an informative and very enjoyable look at the history of sex. As guests wander the streets, they will see many prostitutes behind their windows. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, and because of this, there has been a drive to educate people about sex work. During this tour, guests will get to know about the efforts the Prostitute Information Center is making to improve the industry and keep sex workers safe. Nearby is the Condomerie, a dedicated condom shop where they come in all shapes and sizes!

The Red-Light District Tour also offers visitors the opportunity to explore its historical monuments, including the popular Museum Our Lord in the Attic, a former Catholic church in an attic! Now it's home to an incredible collection of paintings and curiosities. Nearby, guests will find the Weeping Tower, an old medieval structure. It got its name, the Weeping Tower, because this is where families of sailors would say their goodbyes before they embarked on a long voyage. The other popular historical monument on the route is the Old Church, which deserves its name as it is over 700 years old! During the tour, do not hesitate to ask your guide as many questions as you like. And, of course, participants will come away with a host of recommendations and tips for their stay.

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