Free Tour Amsterdam

On our Free Tours of Amsterdam you will walk through its canal labyrinth whilst we explain to you how the city is literally founded by its legendary engineering. You will see the remains of its Golden Age and understand how important that era was in order to create the dutch business mentality. On our Amsterdam tours you will walk through the Red Light District and you’ll understand how throughout the centuries its visitors were so intoxicated by its freedom that they got lost in a spiral of decadence, lust and sin. You will hear the sounds of one of Europe’s most vibrant musical scenes. And most important of all, you will try the best cookie in the world!

At Strawberry Tours we believe that everyone, no matter what one’s budget is, should be able to experience and enjoy the unique charm of Amsterdam. We also believe that the price should correlate with your budget as well as how much you enjoyed it. Therefore, all of our free walking tours in Amsterdam run on a “Pay-What-You-Feel” basis. So let us guide you through its liberal laissez-faire everyday life at a price you can definitely afford!