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Get lost in Amsterdam’s canal labyrinth whilst discovering how this city is literally founded by its legendary engineering. You will see the remains of its Golden Age and understand how important that era was in order to create the dutch business mentality.  Walk through the Red Light District and understand how throughout the centuries its visitors were so intoxicated by freedom that they got lost in a spiral of decadence, lust and sin. Hear the sounds of one of Europe’s most vibrant music scenes and try the best cookie in the world!

Don’t miss the fascinating history of one of the most liberal cities in the world by joining an unbeatable Free Walking Tour.

What to do in Amsterdam?

Free Walking Tour of Amsterdam: On this unique free tour you will discover how freedom and tolerance shaped the city and its people throughout the ages and understand how these values continue to influence it’s liberal attitudes today.

Your amazing-local guide will combine beautiful sightseeing with exciting storytelling and cover everything you need to know about Amsterdam in one tour: history, modern life, culture, art, fun facts and personal stories for a unique insider’s perspective on life in Amsterdam.

Be prepared to challenge all your preconceived ideas about this city because after this tour you will never look and think of Amsterdam the same way!

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