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  • Discover the best Roman archaeological landmarks in the heart of Amman.
  • Take spectacular photos while experiencing authentic local culture.
  • Navigate through a maze of souks and dare to try exotic foods.
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It is indeed a pleasure to be taken around by a knowledgeable guide whilst travelling in a new country. Ibrahim was informative and good guide.
Carol, Jordan
Cristina, Spain
Monica, Spain

Are you up for a stroll through the vibrant historic center of Amman? Join the Essential Free Tour of Amman for an adventure that will take you through millennia of history! The Balad area is the oldest part of the city and here you will navigate through a maze of souks. This is the area where you will find everything you could wish for — musical instruments, traditional sweets, dried fruits, vegetables and fruits, colorful carpets, custom-made dresses, gold decorations, spices, herbs, antiques... It will be a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the culture and gastronomy of the capital of Jordan with the help of a local guide.

In addition, during your Essential Amman Free Tour you will find some of the most important Roman archaeological remains of Jordan. The Amman Citadel is home to gems such as the Umayyad Palace, the Hashemite Plaza with the Roman Theater and Odeon, and the Roman Nymphaeum (an ancient public fountain that offers stunning photo opportunities). During the walk, your guide will offer an entertaining introduction to the origins and development of the city. Of course, you will also see one of the most spiritually relevant places in the city: the Al Husseini Mosque. Here you will understand more about local religious practices and how to visit a temple properly.

During your Free Tour of the Old City of Amman you will also discover many interesting customs and anecdotes: why the city was called Philadelphia in biblical times, why the etiquette of offering/receiving food in Jordan is so complicated, how to accept an invitation for tea properly, and much more. Walking with a local guide will also help you discover the best souks to buy souvenirs at the best price, how to bargain, and which gifts are most traditional. Tour participants will also learn about the trendiest neighborhoods in Amman, which cafes are best for taking instagrammable photos, and how to make the most of their stay!
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