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  • Walk with a local guide to unravel the tumultuous history and modern culture of Tel Aviv.
  • A trip to Israel would never be complete without a visit to the Great Synagogue.
  • Marvel at the great blue sky and seas of Tel Aviv from stunning Old Jaffa.
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Essential Free Tour Tel Aviv


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I liked the excursion much. It was a wonderful walk. It was at a comfortable leisurely pace, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy what we saw. And what is very important to me as for a non-native speaker, the presenter speaks very clearly in English. Recommemd

This Israeli city located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most modern oases in the Middle East, and a perfect city to explore on foot. That's why signing up for an Essential Free Tour of Tel Aviv will be the perfect way to learn about Israeli history, art, architecture and culture, while having a great time with a small group of international travelers. During the tour, you will learn that Tel Aviv is a fairly young city, barely dating back to 1909; however, the modern city was erected on the ruins and even the spirit of Old Jaffa: a 4,000-year-old settlement. So, come and walk around modern, vibrant and liberal Tel Aviv with a local guide!

Your Free Essential Tel Aviv Tour will take you back to Tel Aviv's roots as you wander through a maze of cobblestone streets, markets, and limestone buildings. Strolling along Jaffa’s Waterfront Promenade (an area so old that it is mentioned in the Bible), you will see the oldest port in the world, find the curious Zodiac Fountain and the Clock Tower. Canaanite, Byzantine, Islamic, Ottoman travelers, Crusaders and even Napoleon himself have walked these ancient streets. However, Tel Aviv is also an urban center open to new ideas. Outside of the Old Town, you'll see high-rise avant-garde skyscrapers, hip boutiques, and a youthful vibe that's the complete opposite of hermetic Jerusalem.

You cannot leave Tel Aviv without strolling through the White City—a neighborhood built by German settlers who fled Nazi persecution. The area is well known for its thousands of modern-looking white-painted buildings, which follow the principles of the German Bauhaus school of architecture. Not surprisingly, this awe-inspiring colony is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Strolling through the most modern parts of the city, you'll be able to chat with your local guide about the peculiar multicultural mix that conforms the heart of Tel Aviv. You will better understand the culture of the area and its customs. These are just some of the wonders you will visit during your free tour in Tel Aviv, so book now!

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