Exploring London’s Neighbourhoods : The Haunted


With a history that goes back well over 2,000 years, London seems to be crawling with spirits, hauntings and ghostly sightings. As a matter of fact, there are so many haunted places in London, ghost hunting has become a popular activity for both tourists and locals alike.

If you want to check out some of London’s most haunted locations – or perhaps even see a ghost or two – here are some of the many neighbourhoods in London with the most ghostly sightings:


Photo credit: Davide D’Amico

With a Jack the Ripper connection and the infamous Tower of London, more ghostly sightings have been spotted in Whitechapel than any other neighbourhood in London.

The Ten Bells Pub, where many of Jack the Ripper’s victims were spotted before they were murdered, is believed to be home to several ghosts. People have reported seeing an old man dressed in Victorian clothing, and customers were woken by a “phantom form” of an old man lying next to them their beds. Tenants have also reported hearing strange footsteps, or feeling pushed when walking down the stairs.

The Tower of London is also home to several ghosts, some of which include Anne Boleyn, James I’s cousin, Thomas A. Becket and even a ghostly bear! Ann Boleyn is the most “persistent” of all the ghosts, and has been spotted at the Tower Green (where she was beheaded in 1536), or even wandering around inside the buildings…headless.

The ghost of Arbella Stuart (who was murdered after marrying Lady Jane Grey’s nephew) has been spotted in The Queen’s House, and a mysterious “white lady” has been seen standing in one of the windows of the White Tower, waving to little children who walk by.Haunted places to visit in Whitechapel: The Tower of London, The Queen’s House, The Ten Bells Pub, Roman Wall


Photo credit: Jacob Surland

This northern London neighbourhood has earned its “Haunted Hampstead” nickname for a reason. The Spaniard Inn (which is said to be the most haunted pub in London) is home to two spirits, one of which being Dick Turbin, (the infamous English highwayman) who has been spotted standing outside the pub. There is also a ghost of a woman whose body was stashed behind bricks in the pub’s cellar, and some believe she is responsible for the mysterious rattling of windows, and doors slamming at night.

There have also been sightings of a sad-looking girl who stands along High Street, as well as the sounds of phantom footsteps on Church Row; and visitors at the Holly Bush Inn have also reported getting their backs slapped by an unseen figure.Haunted places to visit in Hampstead: The Spaniard Inn, Church Row, St. John’s Churchyard, Hampstead Heath, Holly Bush Inn


Photo credit: Richard Turner

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel is one of the most well-known haunted places in London (as several witnesses have claimed to see a couple in Victorian clothes walking around in the tunnel)…but the hauntings in Greenwich don’t just stop there.

The ghost of a young woman who was murdered by her lover in the early 1800s has been spotted at Shooter’s Hill, and Vanbrugh Hill is said to be haunted by Lord John Angerstein‘s headless-horse ghost carriage. Visitors have also reported hearing strange noises underneath Point Hill (which some believe to be the ghosts of smugglers and rebels who plotted to overthrow James I), and the Royal Naval College is believed to be haunted by a group of Tudor ghosts, as well as a few of Queen Elizabeth I’s handmaidens.

Some people have reported picking up a hitchhiker with long dark hair outside Blackwall Tunnel, and even claimed to have a conversation with him about how he was about to meet his girlfriend…but he would mysteriously disappear just as the car would enter the tunnel…Haunted places to visit in Greenwich: Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Vanbrugh Hill, Blackwall Tunnel, Point Hill, Vermont House, Royal Naval College, Shooter’s Hill.


Photo credit: David Holt

Highgate Cemetery is another haunted location in London where several sightings have been reported over the years.

There were reports that a cult used to hold strange ceremonies inside the cemetery at night, and one man reported seeing an apparition with “glowing red eyes” staring at him trough the gates. Another man reported being knocked to the ground while he was walking on Swain’s Lane, but when he looked the apparition dissolved into thin air.

Highgate’s 18th century pub called The Flask is also said to be haunted by a “female phantom,” who is believed to be one of the pub’s former maidservants who committed suicide. Others believe her spirit is connected with a bullet that is still embedded in the wall near the entrance of the pub. When her spirit appears, witnesses report a sudden drop in temperature, and also reported seeing mysterious lights swaying back and forth, or glasses being moved across the tables. It was also reported that some people felt a cold gush of air blowing gently down their backs or necks.Haunted places to visit in Highgate: Highgate Cemetery, The Flask, Swain’s Lane

Covent Garden

Photo credit: Simon Harriyott

Covent Garden is said to be home to not one, but two haunted theatres in London.

The ghost of actor William Terriss (who was murdered inside The Adelphi Theatre in 1897) has been spotted wandering around the backstage corridors knocking on doors.

Also, cleaners and actors at the Theatre Royal Haymarket have reported being kicked by an invisible presence, and even Sir Ian McKellen reported seeing ghosts while working in the theatre as well. Some believe the ghost of Joseph Grimaldi still lingers here (whose disembodied white face has been spotted floating around the theatre’s hallways), while others believe it’s the ghost of Dan Leno (whose favourite lavender perfume is often smelt lingering in empty rooms…)Haunted places to visit in Covent Garden: Theatre Royal (Drury Lane), Theatre Royal (Haymarket) 

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