Songs have been written about it, history books have mentioned it, and London historians have talked about it, but The London Bridge Experience (also known as “the scariest location in the UK”) will make you see London's most famously-known bridge in an entirely new light.

The first London Bridge was built around 53 A.D. to serve as a military-style pontoon bridge during the Roman times, but was destroyed by a rebel army led by Queen Boudica in 60 A.D. After this, a new London Bridge was built to connect Southwark with Londonium, which at this point was such an established city and port, the bridge served as an essential gateway both to and from south London.

The London Bridge was destroyed by three different fires (in 1215, 1633 and again during The Great Fire of London in 1666), however, the present London Bridge was constructed in 1971, and designed by architect Lord Holford and engineers Mott, Hay and Anderson.

The London Bridge Experience on the other hand, wasn't opened until as recently as 2008, and is located below the southern abutment of the bridge inside the vaults and excavated tombs. The London Tombs, which are a separate attraction located inside The London Bridge Experience, were formerly used as a plague pit during medieval times.

The London Bridge Experience, exterior. By Duncan The London Bridge Experience, exterior. By Elliot Brown
The London Bridge Experience, catacomb. By Matt Brown The London Bridge Experience The London Bridge Experience actors

Highlights The London Bridge Experience

From coming face-to-face with Jack The Ripper, evil laughing clowns, and nesting spiders trying to trap you in their webs, The London Bridge Experience contains all of your most horrifying nightmares trapped into one creepy and unforgettable attraction.

The first half of the attraction is set up like a museum so visitors can get educated on the history of the London Bridge and its surrounding areas.Visitors will get to see recreations of the many London bridges (which were built over the Thames since as far back as the Roman times), be led through recreations of the surrounding medieval streets, and even cross the burning London Bridge during The Great Fire of London.

The narrow alleyways will then lead you through the Chapel of Thomas Becket and a Roman prison, while you hear horrifying stories about Jack The Ripper, the ghost of John Reddie, The Star Inn on Fish Lane, and The Keeper Of The Heads.

The second half of the attraction is essentially like a haunted house, and you will be led through a series of rooms with your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you. As you're walking through the attraction, creepy characters will be jumping out at you, whispering in your ear, and even running after you with an axe and a chainsaw! (For this section of the tour, children under the ages of ten can opt for the specialized Guardian Angels Tour, and help “scare away” the “monsters” jumping out at the other visitors).

Visitors will also have to tread through a boneyard, and find their way through a tree root and crate maze while a creepy version of the classic “London Bridge” song is looped on the overhead speakers.

At the end of the tour, you will have your picture taken in front a giant green screen behind you which will display all sorts of creepy and horrifying images once the photograph is developed. (You can purchase the photo at the end of the tour for £7).

Special Tips

  • Although the attraction can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages, small children as well as those who don't like small, tight spaces might not enjoy everything that the attraction has to offer. As a matter of fact, the attraction is perhaps best suited for teenagers, or children and adults who love a thrill and adrenaline rush.
  • If you plan on visiting Planet Hollywood as well as The London Bridge Experience, you can get a discounted two-course meal deal package for £28.00
  • If you are visiting in a group, you can book your own private tour online beforehand and get fast-track entry, and even nominate a member of your group to get more “involved” in the show!