Free Walking Tours York

Famously known for being one of the few walled cities left in the world, York is certainly a top destination for any serious traveller. If you are looking for a real medieval city with 15th-century style architecture that is fit for a king, then this is the destination for you.

One of the most mesmerizing sights in York is its popular 13th-century Gothic style cathedral, a true architectural wonder that attracts millions of visitors every year. Complete with medieval stained glass and two bell towers, this is a top attraction in York and all of England.


Free Tours York

Walking tours are the best, most affordable, and healthiest way to check out the city of York. There are a variety of tours available depending on your interests.

Free 2-Hour Walking Tour

Footprint offers a free 2-hour walking tour of the city of York. This tour will take you on an adventure around the city and let you explore the main attractions and sights in the area. Experience modern history with a medieval flair, and get the inside story on local restaurants and bars! Walk with some of the most knowledgeable guides around and enjoy a fantastic two hours in York.

Free Historical Centre Tour of York

One of the least known walking tours in the city is held by SUPER on Guruwalk. Check out their website for a list of tour times and to see what’s hot in the city today!

Below you can find more popular (but not free) activities and tours in York.