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  • Enjoy the wonderful fountains in the massive Republic Square, the heart of Yerevan.
  • Take your time in the Vernissage Flea Market to find perfect souvenirs and traditional handicrafts.
  • Discover ancient heritage and Soviet-style buildings in a vibrant and youthful capital.
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Armenia is still an underrated tourist destination out of the routes of massive tourism. For this reason, many local guides are eager to show how wonderful Armenia’s capital can be with an Essential Free Tour of Yerevan. If you decide to come and join the tour, you will be wandering the streets of one of the oldest cities in the world. The first historical records date back to 782 BC. So, this city is an opportunity to travel back in time thanks to the many archaeological and architectural remains that it shelters. In the background of Yerevan is Mount Ararat. It’s a complex of majestic mountains with snow-capped peaks where, according to national folklore, lie the remains of Noah's Ark. Much of this information can be found in the National Gallery of Armenia located in the vibrant Republic Square.

The majestic Republic Square will give you a taste of the youthful atmosphere so distinctive of this capital. The nearby Vernissage Flea Market is also a good place to learn about economy, art and traditional crafts in Armenia. Walking under the shadow of the trees, visitors can find locally made ceramics, carved wooden goods, khachkars (Armenian stone carved crosses), jewelry, carpets, lace pieces, paintings, books, food and much more. Strolling through bustling Northern Avenue will offer another opportunity to enjoy a beautiful pedestrian street where locals love to spend the weekend having fun with their friends and families. It’s a good place to spot the trendiest bars and best traditional restaurants, too! Walking along the historical center you will also find the Opera House and hear about the world-renowned National Ballet of Armenia.

Before joining the tour, make sure your phone has the battery fully charged, because you’ll likely want to take hundreds of pictures of the stunning Cascade Complex. This majestic structure full of fountains and little gardens, houses the Cafesjian Center for the Arts and many other cool galleries. An outstanding historical monument in the complex is the Statue of Alexander Tamanyan. It is dedicated to the Armenian architect of the same name, who was the first to decide to build a modern urban design in Yerevan. Along this wonderful Essential Free Tour of Yerevan, you will visit most of the important landmarks in the old town, hear tips about where to go and what to eat, as well as discover some interesting facts about modern Armenia. This is definitely the best way to enjoy a wonderful day in Yerevan!
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