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Best Free Tours in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the dream destinations you need to visit at least once in your life. One of the good ways to start off your journey is to choose some of the many available Free Walking Tours in Tokyo. For a perfect introduction to the main sights, join the Tokyo City Tour around the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. Your guide will tell you much about the history of Japan and Tokyo, all the way back to the Shogun era. The interesting Asakusa Tour will take you to explore the downtown district around Sensoji. You will see traditional houses, iconic buildings and also many temples and shrines. Of course, do not miss a Tokyo Food Tour to learn about Japanese food beyond sushi and ramen. And, for those who want to discover the most extravagant youth culture in Tokyo, we recommend booking a Free Tour around Shinjuku and Harajuku neighborhoods.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Tokyo

Before 1868, Tokyo was a small castle town called Edo. During the historic Meiji Restoration of 1868, the emperor decided to make Edo the capital of Japan, and since then Tokyo has been growing nonstop into a metropolis. Tokyo has become the world center of finance, technology, digital inventions, fashion, and culture. In Free Tours in Tokyo, you will see the Imperial Palace, the Imperial East Gardens, Tsukiji Outdoor Market. And do not miss Akihabara, the digital district and otaku paradise. In Northern Tokyo, discover the old-style vibes of the Asakusa area and visit Sensoji Temple. Additionally, you can spend some time discovering the wonders showcased at the Tokyo National Museum and the Edo-Tokyo Museum. In the west of this huge city, you will find three bustling areas, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Harajuku, the most popular districts among Japanese teenagers. Finally, enjoy some peace chilling out in Yoyogi Park and the stunning Shinjuku Gyoen.

Things to Do in Tokyo

Have you ever heard of anime or manga? Are you interested in seeing cherry blossoms in the spring? How about the crazy flavor KitKat and many other crazy but wonderful inventions? If you are interested in any one of those things, book Tokyo Free Walking Tours to dip your toes into Japanese culture. After this, visit local temples to learn about the unique traditional Japanese belief in Shinto. Then, attend a Kabuki performance to discover traditional Japanese classical drama, a unique mix of theater, mime, music, and dance. Optionally, you can learn about the fascinating life of geishas by attending a geisha performance in a Kaiseki dinner. A top-rated activity in Tokyo is a Bar Hopping Tour, where you will sit at various eateries, traditional bars and even karaoke bars. If you are lucky enough to visit Japan in Spring, you can’t miss Sakura in Tokyo. Enjoy beautiful parks full of cherry trees blossoming and see their white, pink petals flying in the wind.

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