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Tetouan is a city in northern Morocco that offers tourists a unique perspective on the multicultural history of the region. Located along the Martil Valley and just a short ride away from the sea, Tetouan is known as the “Daughter of Granada” due to its Hispano-Moorish footmarks. It’s also home to one of Morocco’s two major ports and boasts a peaceful atmosphere unlike any other Moroccan Medina! The city has plenty of historic landmarks that you can explore today in safety with a local guide on the Tetouan free walking tours! The Essential Tetouan City Tour will take you through the most important landmarks in the old medina and the Spanish Ensanche. Along the way, you’ll learn about the history of this fascinating city and its people. On the Culture and Traditions of Tetouan Free Tour you’ll visit local markets and craft shops to get a glimpse into everyday life in this vibrant city. You’ll also learn about traditional customs such as henna painting, pottery making, and weaving. Finally, the Eat like a Local Free Food Tour allows you to experience authentic Moroccan cuisine in restaurants and food markets. Book your seat at the free walking tours in Tetouan today!

Highlights of a Free Tour in Tetouan

With its rich culture and stunning natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Tetouan is such an interesting destination for travelers. Join free tours in Tetouan and navigate the city with a reliable guide for a unique experience. The old medina has even been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and is a must-see visit. You can explore winding alleyways, shop in artisan shops and discover hidden gems like the tannery and the Jewish quarter (Mellah). Another highlight is the Dar El Oddi Museum, a lovely restored house which exhibits artifacts from various dynasties throughout Moroccan history. In addition to exploring the old medina, visitors should also check out the Spanish Ensanche. This area was built by Spanish colonists during their occupation of Morocco and features several attractions such as the Spanish Library, the Cervantes Institute, and Our Lady of Victories Church. For those who want to learn more about Tetouan’s culture and history without spending any money, these tours will provide exactly what you are looking for – and more! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Things to Do in Tetouan

Visit Tetouan and you will be rewarded with a unique cultural experience. Start your day by exploring the city’s medina, which is home to many historic landmarks. The winding streets will take you to the covered marketplace, where you can buy souvenirs, hand-made crafts, and delicious Moroccan delicacies. As you explore the medina’s nooks and crannies, be sure to take in its vibrant atmosphere as locals go about their daily routines. Then, get ready to enjoy some of the local delicacies such as couscous or tagine at one of the many traditional restaurants dotting the medina. Afterwards, head to the Ethnographic Museum or the Archeological Museum to dive deeper into Tetouan’s history and customs. If you have several days in the city, take an excursion to the nearby Rif Mountains for spectacular views and fresh air. Alternatively, take a day trip to Chefchaouen for its stunning blue-washed buildings and vibrant markets. At night, enjoy dinner at one of Tetouan’s restaurants before heading out for an evening stroll around town. There are plenty of bars and cafes where you can relax with friends and soak up some of the local atmosphere.

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