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Stuttgart, the automotive heartland ensconced within vine-clad hills, perfectly blends Swabian charm with world-class culture. This is a city not to be missed! Furthermore, you can see the city unfold beautifully through a range of free walking tours in Stuttgart that allow curious visitors to discover the city's diverse aspects. The Essential Stuttgart City Tour is perfect for first-timers. This comprehensive walk-through explores the city's heart, uncovering the intricate stories behind landmarks like the bustling Schloss Square and the majestic State Theater. You'll engage with Stuttgart’s harmonious mix of historical charm and contemporary vibrancy, its bustling markets, and lively squares. Our guides' friendliness and deep-seated knowledge of Stuttgart's history and culture elevate the experience, transforming sightseeing into a storytelling journey. Themed tours add another dimension to your exploration. The Stuttgart Automotive History Tour takes you to the renowned Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Museums, celebrating Stuttgart’s monumental contribution to the automobile industry. Alternatively, indulge in the Stuttgart Vineyard Tour, a serene promenade through the region's winemaking tradition, complete with wine tastings and breathtaking city views. Each tour is an invitation to delve into Stuttgart's unique character, making your visit an unforgettable adventure.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Stuttgart

Embark on a city tour in Stuttgart and discover a treasure trove of historical and cultural landmarks. At the heart of the city is the grand Schloss Square, a lively square framed by the majestic New Palace and Old Palace. Their 18th-century Baroque splendor and intricate Renaissance architecture serve as stunning reminders of royal Stuttgart. From royal palaces to the world's first television tower built using reinforced concrete, the Fernsehturm gives the city's skyline a fusion of the old and new. A short stroll away, the Stuttgart State Theatre stands proudly as one of Europe's largest theatre complexes, echoing with the grace of ballet, the drama of theatre, and the harmonies of opera. Turn to Stuttgart’s pioneering role in the automobile world with visits to the iconic Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Museums. Here your guide will tell you of the fascinating evolution of the automobile industry. Switching gears, take a wander in the Schloss Gardens, the city's largest green space. A perfect place for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lastly, meander along the scenic Weinsteige, through rolling vineyards that paint a breathtaking backdrop to the city. Stuttgart is more than a city—it's an incredible journey through time and tradition.

Things to Do in Stuttgart

Stuttgart, with its rich history and cultural vibrancy, offers a plethora of exciting experiences. This city is a paradise for automobile enthusiasts, with the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Museums providing captivating insights into the evolution of these iconic brands. Stuttgart's cultural scene is equally fascinating, with the State Theatre hosting diverse performances ranging from opera and ballet to dramatic theatre. Each year, the city pulses with the lively beats of the Stuttgart Summer Festival and the enthralling colors of the Cannstatter Folk Festival, second in size only to Munich's Oktoberfest. For foodies, Stuttgart serves up culinary delights with a strong regional accent. Try "Maultaschen," a local variation of ravioli, or "Spatzle," a delicious Swabian egg noodle dish. Nature lovers can explore the city's green spaces, such as the lush Killesberg Park or the picturesque vineyards that overlook the city. For a unique natural spectacle, visit the Blautopf, a beautiful spring that feeds into the Blau River. Finally, Stuttgart's location offers excellent day trip opportunities. Head to the Black Forest for hiking or to the medieval city of Heidelberg for a dose of historic charm. With all this and more Stuttgart is a vibrant and diverse experience waiting to be explored.

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