IMPORTANT: Due to the rising tension in Santiago during several protests, we have decided to cancel the tours until further notice, for the safety of our guides and customers. We strongly recommend you to stay away from the downtown area and city center.

Come with us and discover the most authentic side of Chile’s capital on our Untouched Santiago Free Tour. Explore the Yungay neighbourhood which has survived earthquakes, fires and the unstoppable real estate development of Santiago thanks to the strong will of its neighbours, and guardians of the heritage of the first Republican neighbourhood in the city. Thanks to this, the area has become a hot spot of Chilean culture, and has the highest density of museums, theatres and cultural centres in all of Santiago.

Discover how the habitants have rebuilt their homes over and over again by using traditional Chilean building methods. Walk through Quinta Normal, a park which has a rich cultural offer and plenty of museums, and was also chosen in 2013 by Travel + Leisure magazine as one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Admire its eclectic palaces and see street art colouring its many walls.

Barrio Yungay Barrio Yungay
Barrio Yungay Barrio Yungay Barrio Yungay

Navigate its cobble-stoned streets and soak in the atmosphere of the neighbourhood in which people still greet each other, and thanks to its nostalgic charm has attracted interesting people of all types such as artists, scientists and intellectuals. Come across some of the many urban gardens which have sprouted up all around this neck of the woods.

See the most romantic restaurant and shops in the capital, such as La Peluquería Francesa (a restaurant which is almost 150 years old), where you can not only enjoy the best French-style food in the city, but all of the wonderfully bizarre deco that is for sale as well. Find hidden in the old house workers of all the historic trades like cobblers, carpenters and seamstresses going about their daily tasks with profound tranquility.

On our Untouched Santiago Free Tour, you will discover the area of Santiago with the most character: The Yungay neighbourhood. A neighbourhood which preserves the magic of a small old town, and helps make you feel as if you were travelling back in time. Enjoy an afternoon of lively history just a few blocks away from the hustle and bustle of the ever-growing city of Santiago!