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Sanliurfa, known as the "City of Prophets," is an ancient city that serves as a melting pot of diverse cultures, history, and fascinating architecture. It offers a unique journey into the past, with its narrow alleyways, traditional bazaars, and captivating landmarks. One of the best ways to get acquainted with the city is on a Sanliurfa free walking tour. The Essential Sanliurfa City Tour is a must-do for first-time visitors. This guided walk uncovers the city's essence, exploring iconic sites like the Pool of Sacred Fish, the historic Urfa Castle, and the bustling Gumruk Bazaar. It provides a comprehensive overview of Sanliurfa's history, culture, and way of life. The Sanliurfa Night Tour transforms the city into an enchanting spectacle. Visitors get to witness the magnificent illumination of city landmarks, coupled with the lively atmosphere of night bazaars. This tour offers a different perspective on the city, highlighting its vibrant nightlife. For food enthusiasts, the Culinary Delights of Sanliurfa Tour is a gastronomic journey through the city's rich culinary scene. It includes visits to local markets, tastings of Urfa kebab and other regional specialties, along with the chance to learn about traditional cooking methods. Each tour presents a unique facet of this extraordinary city, offering an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Sanliurfa

Get ready to explore the magical city of Sanliurfa, a place where ancient history and vibrant culture intertwine in every corner! Tours typically begin by the enchanting Pool of Sacred Fish next to the Mevlid Halil Mosque. A site of immense religious significance, this pool is believed to be where Prophet Abraham was thrown into the fire by King Nimrod. The fire, according to legend, turned into water and the burning logs into fish, hence the sacred carp that populate the pool today. Another highlight is the majestic Urfa Castle, which has been standing tall amidst the cityscape since antiquity. As you touch the ancient stones, you can almost feel the city's rich history pulsating through them. The panoramic view of the city from there is also worth the climb! You'll also visit the bustling Gumruk Bazaar and navigate through its labyrinthine alleys and tantalizing aromas. Nearby is the charming Gumruk Hani, an Ottoman-era inn that today bustles with artisans and their workshops. Also included on the tour are the Halil-ur-Rahman and Rizvaniye Mosques, symbols of Sanliurfa's enduring Islamic heritage. Their stunning architecture and serene ambience create a fitting end to this unforgettable journey through Sanliurfa's historic center.

Things to Do in Sanliurfa

Sanliurfa is an alluring city that offers a variety of experiences, from enriching cultural encounters to delightful culinary adventures and engaging outdoor activities. Kick-start your journey with a visit to the Sanliurfa Archaeological Museum, where you can delve deep into the region's history. The museum houses a fascinating collection of artifacts, including a life-size replica of the world's oldest temple, Gobekli Tepe. Speaking of Gobekli Tepe, a trip to the nearby archaeological site is a must. Witnessing these ancient stone structures up close is a jaw dropping experience that takes you back to the dawn of civilization. Sanliurfa's culinary scene is just as enticing as its history. Taste the region's famous Urfa kebab, a unique variant of the dish that's spiced rather than skewered. Enjoy local delicacies like cig kofte and lahmacun, and don't miss the chance to try sweet treats such as sillik dessert. For nature lovers, the city is surrounded by beautiful landscapes ideal for outdoor activities. Harran plain, with its distinctive beehive houses, is perfect for a day trip. Hike in the Karacadag mountains, or explore the Birecik Bird Sanctuary, which hosts a variety of migratory birds. So come and enjoy this incredible and ancient city. In Sanliurfa, every day promises a new discovery, making it a truly special destination.

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