Essential Free Tour Mostar

1.5 Hours
1.5 Hours

Essential Free Tour Mostar

  • Cross Stari Most, the iconic Ottoman bridge connecting the two sides of Mostar.
  • Embark on a 600-year journey through history as you uncover the wonders of the UNESCO-designated Old Town.
  • Engage with a passionate local guide to delve into culture, art, gastronomy, historical events, and daily life in Mostar.
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Tour Features

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Stari Most (Old Bridge)

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Old Bazaar

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Kriva Cuprija (Crooked Bridge)

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Osman Dikic Mausoleum

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Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

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Hadzi-Kurt Mosque

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Fejica Street

These are some of the features your tour might include, but please bear in mind that every guide creates their unique itinerary to provide the best possible experience.

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Latest reviews

We had a wonderful tour through the old town of Mostar! Mirjana was a passionate tour guide, who not only showed us the historical and political background, but could also tell us about personal experiences and thus gave a very authentic insight into the city. Absolute recommendation!
Hi Sara! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience walking with Mirjana on tour. We appreciate it. So glad you enjoyed the blend of historical and current context as well as personal insight and experience shared during your tour. We hope the rest of your visit to Mostar was wonderful (and hopefully you caught some of the bridge diving competition!). Thanks again and happy travels, Sheva Walking Tours Team.
Sheva Walking Tours

Just a few hours away from Dubrovnik, Split or Sarajevo, the glamorous town of Mostar is the top tourist destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina thanks to its outstanding natural beauty, all-year-round pleasant weather, historical value and architectural gems. Do you want to discover the best highlights of the “City of Sunshine” as well as the local culture, customs and recent history in an entertaining way? Then join a local guide and a small group of international travelers for a wonderful, informative and reasonable paced walk. You will stroll along the charming Old City, see charming streets, visit colorful bazaars, take instagrammable pictures, and enjoy the multicultural vibe of this picturesque place!

Your local guide will take you to explore the stunning old city of Mostar. Your group will cross the unmissable bridge Stari Most (Old Bridge), an iconic masterpiece of 16th-century Ottoman engineering stretching over the crystalline waters of Neretva River. Not surprisingly, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here your guide will explain how Mostar’s name derives from the keepers of this and other bridges, as well as share interesting information about Islamic architecture. Walking along the city center, you will also find the Old Bazar Kujundziluk, a pedestrian area where many artisanal shops are located, selling wonderful handicrafts. It’s the perfect place to discover local art and traditions!

Along the Free Essential Tour in Mostar, you will be able to discover the heart of the Balkans with your local guide. You will learn about the long coexistence of Muslim Bosniaks, Orthodox Serbs, and Catholic Croats that shaped local culture, music and gastronomy. Additionally, you will gain a deep understanding of the city's history during the 20th century and how it transformed after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Your guide will share stories of how the war in the 90s left Mostar physically devastated and emotionally divided, and the brave efforts made by citizens to rebuild the city to its former glory. This tour is the best way to spend a day sightseeing in Mostar, so, book your seat today!

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