Come with us and dig deep into the origins of Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world and one of the oldest in America. On our Free Historical Center Tour we will go through the almost one thousand years of Mexico City’s history in a fun and entertaining way. From its beginning as the capital of the Aztec Empire, through to the Spanish Conquest led by Hernán Cortés, until finally reaching its Independence again in the 19th century. Discover with us the mega metropolis which was born amongst volcanoes and built over five great lakes!

Admire the early 20th century Art Nouveau architecture, both modern and grandiose, in buildings such as the Palace Of Fine Arts which took three decades to be built due to the 1910 Revolution, or the majestic Latin-American Tower, the first skyscraper in the world to withstand an earthquake! Once in the Old Town find ancient Aztec ruins hidden amongst beautiful Colonial buildings.

Navigate through the hustle and bustle of Madero Street; make your way through street vendors, musicians, street artists, bars and hundreds (no, thousands!) of people walking in every possible direction. Discover why the lakes around the city were drained, and hear the story of how Mexico went from being a Spanish colony to an independent empire ruled by Agustín de Iturbide, the first emperor of Mexico, right in front of the palace which was his home.

On our Free Historical Center Tour Of Mexico City you will fall in love with this great millenary metropolis and we will give you the keys to understanding its fascinating history. But as the great Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes once said: “Explain it? No -he told himself- believe in it, only that. Mexico can’t be explained; Mexico has to be believed, with fury, with passion, with despondency.”