Free Art Quarter Tour Madrid

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2-2.5 Hours

Free Art Quarter Tour Madrid

  • Discover the amazing life of Miguel de Cervantes, writer of ‘Don Quixote’.
  • Dive into the atmosphere of the most important Art’s Quarter in European Baroque: Its theaters, murders, brothels, and alleyways.
  • Laugh with the great anecdotes from the legendary rivalry between Quevedo and Gongora, the two greatest poets of their time.
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Come and explore one of the neighborhoods which has homed the most artistic and literary geniuses in world history on the Free Tour of Madrid’s Art Quarter. A neighborhood in which since the distant 16th century all the great names of Spanish literature have lived, leaving their mark in some way or another. Learn about the amazing life story of Miguel de Cervantes, the author of the second most translated book in the world after the Bible: “Don Quixote”. Hear how he fought with true bravery in the famous battle of Lepanto and lost his right arm, his writing arm, and how despite him writing several very successful books during his lifetime he sadly died a very poor man. Cervantes lived in several houses in this neighborhood and even “Don Quixote” was printed here.

Laugh at the unbelievable anecdotes of literature’s most famous antagonisms: The great ego battle between the two greatest poets of the Spanish Baroque, Quevedo and Góngora, who didn’t just write pungent, witty, hurtful sonnets about each other, but also went to great lengths to make each other’s life impossible. Navigate through one of the areas with the highest density of theaters in Europe, discover the importance of drama in the 17th century (also known as the Spanish Golden Century) when a cultural phenomenon of such great magnitude took place – one that can only be compared to Hollywood nowadays in terms of the quantity of productions and the cultural importance. Understand the historical context that made it happen: The great Habsburg Empire and the even greater bankruptcies that ruined gold-flooded Spain.

On the Free Tour of Madrid’s Art Quarter, you will visit San Sebastian Church, see a mural to powerful King Philip IV, learn about Lope de Vega, Valle-Inclan, and discover a neighborhood which has become a mandatory pilgrimage to all those who write and love Spanish literature; a place which has been called home by so many of the greatest writers of the Spanish language, one which is so widely spoken throughout the world. A neighborhood which nowadays has become one of the most culturally proactive areas in Europe – navigate amongst theatres, cafes, music bars, and the houses of the greatest writers from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Book your seat today and make sure to ask as many questions as you like to make the most of your trip!

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