Free Women’s Legacy Tour London

  • Rediscover London through the refreshing lens of its female trailblazers.
  • Explore the historical boroughs of Lambeth and Westminster, connecting you to the real-life locales that influenced these women's monumental achievements.
  • Uncover the fascinating stories of extraordinary women, from queens to suffragettes, from warriors to spies.

Latest reviews

It was amazing!!
Thank you very much Patricio :)
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
Thanks Maria :)
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
A wonderful tour. It was a bit longer than most walking tours but well worth it.
Thank you so much Alexandra :)
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
A great visit in the heart of London! Our guide, Vincent was really great and witty :)
Thanks Mélisande!
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
Thank you Riddhi :)
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra

Ever looked at London and thought, "Been there, done that"? Well, it's time to think again. There's a whole different world waiting to be discovered beneath the familiar sights and sounds of this city. With the Free Women's Legacy Tour, London unveils a new face, one that might surprise and captivate you. Next to the iconic Big Ben and the corridors of Westminster Abbey, lies a wealth of stories about the women whose bravery and exploits forged London. This tour will show you London not only as a place full of wonderful architecture but a place echoing with the sounds of history-making women. It’s about rediscovering a city already loved, but this time through a new lens that celebrates female empowerment.

Walk with a knowledgeable guide right in the heart of London and dive into the world of the women who sculpted history. As you meander through the boroughs of Lambeth and Westminster, prepare to stumble upon tales of resilience, courage, and revolutionary change. Hear the audacious saga of Boudica, the warrior who brought the city to its knees by burning London down. Pay homage to the pioneering efforts of suffragettes like Emmeline Pankhurst, who fought tooth and nail for women's voting rights. Walk in the footsteps of nurses like Florence Nightingale, who braved the horrors of World War II. And hear tales about spies like Violette Szabo, whose heroics remain shrouded in the veils of secrecy.

The route is just as inspiring as the stories. Starting from the stunning Lambeth Palace, the tour takes you across Westminster Bridge, treating your senses to majestic views of iconic landmarks like the London Eye and Big Ben. You'll pass by the Houses of Parliament, the glorious Westminster Abbey, and the Supreme Court, witnessing the places where history was forged. Walking down Whitehall and Parliament Street will offer a glimpse of Downing Street, The Royal Horse guards, and the Banqueting House. The journey culminates at Trafalgar Square, leaving you in the heart of London, brimming with newfound appreciation for the city and the unsung heroines who have shaped its legacy. Book your Free Women's Legacy Tour today!
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