Free Witchcraft Tour London

2 Hours
2 Hours

Free Witchcraft Tour London

  • Delve into the mysteries of witchcraft that have lurked in London's shadows for centuries.
  • Hear historical tales of murder and mayhem you won’t find in conventional guidebooks.
  • See London’s Bridge, St. Paul Cathedral and other iconic landmarks in a thrilling, new light.
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Tour Features


Tower of London


St. Paul's Cathedral


Ancient Roman Wall


London Bridge


All Hallows by the Tower Church


Millennium Bridge


Shakespeare's Globe (exterior)


Southwark Bridge

These are some of the features your tour might include, but please bear in mind that every guide creates their unique itinerary to provide the best possible experience.

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Latest reviews

Brilliant! That’s one of the best experiences I had. I just regret I didn’t do sooner. Vincent was engaging, knowledgeable and a fascinating story teller. He is so enthusiastic about history and what he does,that makes the experience so unique. Really great and highly recommend! Now I am about to book all London walks!
Thank you so much Kremena! :)
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
A great visit in the heart of London! Our guide, Vincent was really great and witty :)
Thank you so much Mélisande :)
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
Participating in the Free Witchcraft Tour in London was an unexpectedly eye-opening experience. As a tourist, I had no idea that a tour focused on witchcraft would offer a lot of information on the history of Britain, its political system, and even the royal family. The timing, from 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening, created a thrilling atmosphere that set the perfect mood for the tour. Vincent, our guide, was very knowledgeable in the subject of witchcraft and also passionate about sharing this unique part of London's history. he made the tour both informative and entertaining. Throughout the tour, we explored locations and landmarks that held significant historical relevance, each tied to the fascinating history of witchcraft in London. From tales of accused witches to the broader social and political contexts, Vincent painted a vivid picture that left a lasting impression on me. I left the tour not only with a newfound appreciation for the past but also with a desire to explore further. I highly recommend the tour.
Thank you so much Andrea! :)
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
Thanks Amanda! :)
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra

Believing you know London's iconic landmarks is one thing, but have you ever seen them under the cloak of night, their magnificent facades whispering tales of times long past? Unearth a concealed world of mysticism and folklore with the unique Free Witchcraft Tour. This journey catapults participants back to an era when witches of all shapes and sizes roamed the isles of Britain, leaving indelible marks on society and history. The witches of London spring to life in narratives abundant with secrets and peculiarities. Guided by an enthusiastic expert, this exploration reveals remarkable anecdotes, uncovers the practice and occurrence of witchcraft well before Roman times, and scrutinises the often unjust treatment of those presumed to be witches.

The route from Tower Hill, past the majestic Tower of London to the grandeur of St. Paul’s Cathedral, offers more than a simple recitation of historical events. It provides an enlightening perspective into Britain's social history, shedding light on the intricate relationships between society and those either revered or feared as witches. The tales you’ll hear are not merely ghostly folklore; they are rooted in historical records, steeped in actual events and crimes that continue to resonate through London's cobblestone streets. You'll also learn how witchcraft permeated Shakespearean theatre, influencing the Bard's most renowned works, a testament to its significant impact on English society.

As dusk falls and London's skyline takes on an ethereal quality, the Free Witchcraft Tour steps into its element. While the tour delves into darker themes, rest assured that all topics are approached with the greatest respect and are considered from a historical standpoint. This tour invites participants to see London through a different lens, immersing them in the untold stories of its past. Whether a first-time visitor or a seasoned local, this tour guarantees fresh insights and delightful surprises. Don’t merely visit London; experience it. Embark on this nocturnal journey and allow London's clandestine history to captivate you!

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Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra

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