Free Scandalous South Bank Tour London

  • Discover the tales of vice, murder, and scandal that shaped the iconic South Bank for hundreds of years.
  • Walk the same streets once frequented by Shakespeare and his contemporaries, and hear about their adventures.
  • Unearth the dramatic transformation of an area from a red-light district to a cultural quarter.

Latest reviews

Daniel Xavier
Thank you very much Daniel!
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
Vincent, our guide, was so engaging and passionate we were totally taken by all the stories and anecdotes we were told. We LOVED this tour very much! Thank you!
Thank you so much Ilaria for joining us! :)
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra

Unearth the notorious past of the ancient Red District of London with the Free Scandalous South Bank Tour. This unique guided walk explores the underbelly of the city's history, once a hotbed of vice and entertainment. Your expert guide will take you on a journey filled with fascinating tales from the medieval era to the present day. What's more, the South Bank is brimming with wondrous photo opportunities and iconic sights. From the breathtaking views at the London Eye to the architectural magnificence of Tate Modern, you'll find a myriad of picture-perfect moments.

As the tour winds through the historic streets, your guide will take you back to the times when bishops, not the City or the Crown, ruled the South Bank. Learn about the 'Winchester Geese,' women working in the brothels run by the Church, and delve into tales of the district's scandalous past. Stand on the hallowed grounds of the famed Globe Theatre, the birthplace of theatre as we know it, and learn about the bear-baiting pits and gambling dens that made this area the city's entertainment hub. The South Bank's history, filled with scandal, sex, prostitution, and even murder, offers an intriguing contrast to its present-day image.

The tour not only showcases the district's infamous past but also celebrates its transformative journey. Witness the splendour of the Southbank Centre and National Theatre, living testaments to the area's metamorphosis into a vibrant cultural hub. At the Tate Modern, a former power station, you'll find a blend of the past and present, where groundbreaking exhibitions occupy a space steeped in industrial history. The route also takes you across the Millennium Bridge, offering stunning views of Southwark Cathedral and London Bridge. Along the way, your guide will weave together stories of tragedy, resilience, and the ceaseless march of time that have shaped the community living on the South Bank.
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