Come for a stroll with us through London’s Old City. Cover two thousand years of London’s rich history in two and half hours of fun anecdotes and fascinating facts. Learn about the Romans settling in, the Germanic Invasions, the Norman invasion, and get an understanding of all the ingredients that have given form to British Culture.

Discover the roots of this great metropolis and grasp an understanding of how it became not only the financial capital of the World, but also the most influential melting pot of ideas in the western World.

Visit London’s medieval castle, and be amazed by the different uses it has had in the past thousand years! Find out about the Knights Templar in Temple Church, the millenary hidden temple where it all began.

Visit one of London’s oldest and most famous pubs, as you walk through a jungle of Skyscrapers which cohabit with London’s oldest alleyways. Here, in the oldest part of London, the new and the old stare at each other in the eye.Hear about the devastating fire that almost destroyed London forever, and about the man who brought the city back to life.

Tower of London Tour Tower Bridge Tour
Tower Bridge Tour Tower Bridge Tour Millenium Bridge Tour

The London Landmarks Tour - East will make you laugh and be astonished, it will make you google the unbelievable stories only to find out that they are true, as you discover how truth can be stranger than fiction!