Come with us on a journey which will take you to the essence of British culture in one of London’s most beautiful and historic areas, Covent garden. Visit five historical pubs and try their fine traditional English ales as you listen to great tales of times past that will help you understand just how much the pub culture has helped give shape to the country’s personality. On our Free Historical Pub Tour you will understand how pubs are a part of Britain and Britain is part pub!

Catch a glimpse of what ale houses were like in the Golden Age from the best possible source, William Shakespeare, in whose plays we can see the attitude towards drinking and the importance of the pub as a centre for amusement, entertainment and social life in the 16th Century. Learn about Oliver Cromwell, the puritan leader of the only republican period in English history, the Commonwealth of England which lasted 11 long years in which pubs and theatres were closed, and even Christmas cancelled one year! Hear how this proved to be unbearable for Londoners and how the restoration of the monarchy led to possibly the most excessively lascivious and libertine period in British history as you drink a pint of delicious ale in a pub built during that era!

Hear the stories of bare-knuckle fights and murders, of prostitution and general depravation which took place in Covent Garden and be amazed by the transformation which has now made it one of the most elegant areas of the city, the beating heart of London’s sophisticated West End.

On our Free Historical Pub Crawl you will you will visit 5 different historical pubs, you will try traditional ales and beers, you will explore one of London’s most beautiful areas, Covent Garden, and you will understand why Queen Victoria once said: "Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them."

*Pints in London cost around £5 so please budget accordingly. All pubs take card payments but some have a minimum spend.

The Free Historical Pub Tour will run on the following days in February and March:

  • Saturday 24th Feb 17.00
  • Monday 26th Feb 18.00
  • Wednesday 28th Feb 19.00
  • Friday 2nd Mar 19.00
  • Sunday 4th Mar 17.00
  • Wednesday 7th Mar 17.00
  • Friday 9th Mar 18.00
  • Saturday 10th Mar 18.00
  • Monday 12th Mar 17.00
  • Wednesday 14th Mar 18.00

Booking is mandatory. More dates to come soon!