Free Christmas Tour London

  • Take some pictures with London’s most famous Christmas tree.
  • Discover how the Victorians shaped our modern Christmas!
  • Learn about which strange ancient Christmas traditions we have lost over the years.

Latest reviews

The future of the spirits: let your spirits fly!
Thank you so much Sara!
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
Very good tour with lucy. We all adults and kids enjoy it a lot
I abosolutely loved Ben\'s tour. In fact, I think it\'s one of the best London walking tours I\'ve been on. He is very knowledgeable but doesn\'t overload you with information. Everything he said related to the topic of the tour, and he managed to present it all in a very entertaining way. Plus, he has a lovely stentorious voice, which helped enourmously, since we were walking around the most crowded of places in Central London, but even people standing at the back could hear him perfectly. Fabulous tour!
Great tour. Would recommend. The walking on the Christmas light tour is fast paced and through busy crowds (at least this Sunday it was) so keep that in mind if you have trouble walking.
Thank you Carys!
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
Thanks Maj-Britt!
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
Vincent was really amazing...had lot of puns and just enjoyed the whole tour!
Thank you so much Harsh :)
Wonders of London - Meraviglie di Londra
Thanks very much, the tour guide was amazing and explained the destination and history in a very detailed manner. Amazing experience

Experience the magic of festive Central London during the winter season with the enchanting Free Christmas Tour. Be captivated by stunning light displays, charming grottos, and marvel at the countless beautifully adorned Christmas trees that fill the city with holiday cheer. London's Christmas celebrations date back over a millennium, with each generation weaving new traditions into the rich tapestry of its yuletide past.

Embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the heart of Victorian London and delving into the origins of Britain's contemporary Christmas customs. Uncover the fascinating stories behind the introduction of the Christmas tree, the invention of crackers and Christmas cards, as well as the inspirations that sparked Charles Dickens' timeless masterpiece, A Christmas Carol. Knowledgeable guides will illuminate the streets with engaging anecdotes and insights, bringing the history of London's Christmas celebrations to life before your very eyes.

The Free Christmas Tour in London is perfect for families, friends, and solo travellers alike, offering a unique and memorable experience to share with loved ones. Wander through the festively adorned city, encountering iconic landmarks adorned with twinkling lights and charming seasonal decorations. Revel in the festive atmosphere of this holiday season, create lasting memories, and discover the captivating history of Christmas in London. You know the holiday; now learn the history and create unforgettable moments!
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