If you want to have a little slice of Americana or a taste of Hollywood when touring around London's West End, then a visit to London's Planet Hollywood is a great way to take a breather when touring around the city.

Located in the heart of London's theatre district and a stone's throw away from Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, Planet Hollywood London is one of many themed Hollywood restaurants located all around the world, which were founded thanks to the help of mega-stars like Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, just to name a few. Because of this, many of its chains are lined with a ton of memorabilia from films like The Terminator and Rocky, and London's Planet Hollywood is no exception.

Besides glancing over all the Hollywood memorabilia lining its walls, many visitors head to London's Planet Hollywood to dine on menu items inspired by some of the most famous celebrities and films known to mankind.

Although it was originally located in Piccadilly Circus for 16 years, after moving to its current location in Haymarket, the venue expanded to include a massive cocktail bar as well as other Hollywood-themed areas such as The Bond Room, The British Room, and even a Cabana Room. The restaurant also has 18 different screens broadcasting different movie clips and trailers you can watch during your visit, as well as a shop where you can buy clothing, accessories and other Planet Hollywood merchandise.

Planet Hollywood, Baywatch shorts. By Natalle Planet Hollywood, Bruce Willis handprints. By Natalle
Planet Hollywood, Rambo knife. By Natalle Planet Hollywood, exterior. By Elliot Brown Planet Hollywood, interior. By Natalle

Planet Hollywood Highlights

There's not many places in London that can brag about being home to Bruce Willis or Star Wars memorabilia; so whether you're a Star Wars fan, a Rocky fan, a Terminator fan, or even a Baywatch fan...you're bound to find something down your alley at London's Planet Hollywood.

Some of the many pieces of memorabilia you can expect to see at Planet Hollywood include:

  • A model of the Star Ship Enterprise
  • Rocky III's boxing boots
  • Rocky Balboa's "side of beef" prop
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's leather jacket from The Terminator
  • Star Wars' Hans Solo (AKA Harrison Ford) “frozen” in carbonite
  • Bruce Willis' high school senior yearbook picture (circa 1973)
  • David Hasselhoff's Baywatch shorts
  • Bruce Willis' vest
  • Rambo's knife

Special Tips

  • If a member of your group is celebrating a birthday, you can ask a member of staff to display their names on the screen, and even get members of staff to serenade the birthday boy or girl
  • If you want to avoid the crowds, try to visit during the weekday in the afternoons, and avoid visiting during the school holidays
  • If you're a sports fan, head to Planet Hollywood to watch the match on the big screens. If you're not a sports fan, be prepared for the restaurant to get incredibly loud during matches and sports tournaments.