Nestled between the artsy neighbourhoods of Shoreditch and Whitechapel and London's commercial district, the infamously historic Tower of London may seem slightly out of place. But once you take a step inside The Tower's main entrance, you can't help but feel as if you've been transported back in time.

The Tower of London complex has been a popular London attraction since the Elizabethan ages, and over 2.4 million people visit the Tower each year to learn more about its grim (yet fascinating) history riddled with tales of imprisonment, execution, murder and scandal.

The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror during the 11th century, and was originally supposed to be a royal residence. As the years went on, however, the Tower was eventually used as a prison during the Tudor reign, and some of the many famous individuals who were once imprisoned here include Elizabeth I, Edward V and his younger brother (also known as the Princes in the Tower), Anne Boleyn, and many, many more.

The Tower of London and Tower Bridge The Tower of London, Ravens
The Tower of London, Beefeaters The Tower of London, Tower Green The Tower of London, complex

Tower of London Highlights

With a museum of medieval armoury, The Crown Jewels, and even the ghost of Anne Boleyn, there's no telling what you'll come across during your visit to the Tower of London.

The Tower of London is essentially a complex of 21 different towers which cover 18 acres, and there are several different sections and buildings which are included in your admission ticket.

Some of the many highlights include The White Tower (the oldest building in the Tower of London complex), The Museum of Medieval Armour (the oldest national museum in Britain), and The Crown Jewels (where you can see the Coronation Spoon, the Sovereign's Sceptre, The Crown of the Queen Mother and much more).

Other popular areas include The Tower Green (once the location of executions and beheadings), St. John's Chapel, The Fusilier Museum (which houses George V's uniform, 12 Victoria Cross Medals and much more), and the Medieval Palace, which contains a re-creation of Prince Edward's bedchamber and other rare objects which date back to the time of the Princes in the Tower.

Special Tips

  • If you plan on visiting the Tower of London more than once, you may want to sign up for the Tower of London's annual membership. which costs between £38 and £48 for adults, or anywhere from £61 to £93 for joint and family memberships. With the Tower of London membership you can avoid all the long queues, get free and unlimited access to all the six Historic Royal Palaces in London, and even a 10% discount at selected restaurants, shops and cafés near the palaces.