Given that it was a venue for the 2012 London Olympic Games, and even the historic 1985 Live Aid concert, you don't necessarily have to be a hardcore sports fan to appreciate all that the Wembley Stadium Tour has to offer.

Wembley Stadium as it is known as today officially opened in 2007, and was built on the same site as the original Wembley Stadium which hosted the 1948 Olympic Games as well as the 1966 World Cup Final. After the original stadium was demolished in 2003, the new Wembley Stadium took over four years and £790 million to complete, and is now known to be the largest stadium in the UK.

The Wembley Stadium Tour, on the other hand, has been around since 1978, and has attracted millions of sports enthusiasts (and even non-sports enthusiasts) from all over the world.

Wembley Stadium Tour Wembley Stadium Tour
Wembley Stadium Tour Wembley Stadium Tour Wembley Stadium Tour

Wembley Stadium Tours Highlights

Each tour is run by an expert tour guide who will lead you to some of the most historic spots in the stadium that are normally only seen on TV during historic matches and championships. Not only that, visitors to the tour will even be shown some of the more private areas in the stadium, such as England's changing rooms, the players' tunnel and the Royal Box.

Some of the many highlights you can expect to see during your Wembley Stadium Tour include:

  • David Beckham's Manchester United jersey (which he wore during his legendary 1999 campaign)
  • The FA 150 Exhibition which celebrates the history of the Football Association
  • The original rules of Association Football from as far back as 1863
  • The Jules Rimet Trophy (AKA The World Cup) commemorating England's World Cup win in 1966
  • The 107 “sacred” Trophy Winner's Steps
  • The Royal Box where winners go to collect their prized trophies
  • England Manager's “hot-seat” in the Press Room
  • The 1966 World Cup crossbar
  • The original flag from London's 1948 Olympic Games
  • Steven Gerrard's 2005 captain armband
  • Graeme Souness' three winning medals from 1978, 1981 and 1984

Visitors will also get the chance to lift up the FA Cup for a commercial photo, and buy some unique sports memorabilia at the Wembley Stadium Store, which offers everything from English and Wembley merchandise, to footballs, scarves, caps, replica kits and much more.

Special Tips

  • If you're a true-blue sports fanatic, you may want to purchase tickets to the VIP tour as it is much more personal and provides exclusive access to different areas of the stadium.
  • Although the tours are designed to be entertaining and informative for both sports and non-sports fans, be prepared to be quizzed on some sports facts by your tour guide!