Once upon a time (in 2015), in a land far, far away (on London's South Bank) a magical tourist attraction was created where characters from Shrek were brought to life.

Shrek's Adventure is a one-of-a-kind indoor “walk-and-ride” tourist attraction in London inspired by the hit DreamWorks films Shrek, Shrek 2, and Shrek The Third, and allows children to come face-to-face with the likes of Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and many, many more.

The founding of Shrek's Adventure also marks the first time that Merlin (Europe's largest visitor attraction operator) collaborated with a Hollywood studio to license the use of its own characters and stories for an attraction.

Shrek's Adventure boasts ten hilarious shows featuring classic sets (like Shrek's Swamp) from the many Shrek films, a breathtaking 4D ride with special effects and fantastic DreamWorks animation, and, most importantly, a tour where kids can help crack the code and save Shrek so he gets back to his beloved Swamp safely.

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Shrek's Adventure Highlights

Besides meeting Donkey, Princess Fiona, Gingy, Puss In Boots, Pinocchio and Shrek himself, visitors will also get to meet Shrek's friends from Madagascar, How To Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda.

Some of the many other highlights of Shrek's Adventure include:

  • A visit with Cinderella in Shrek's Swamp
  • Getting lost in the dizzying Mirror Maze
  • Going aboard the magical 4D DreamWorks Tours bus (with Donkey acting as the tour guide) and seeing a virtual tour of central London as well as all the major DreamWorks films
  • Taking part in ten live fairytale-themed shows
  • Learning how to be a Viking in Berk
  • Finding out your fortune in Esmeralda's crystal ball
  • Learning some fascinating facts about Shrek and the gang
  • Cooking up a magic spell at the Muffin Man's house
  • Taking a stroll around the Spooky Forest
  • Competing in a “cheeky” DreamWorks Game Show
  • Rescuing Pinocchio from the Wheel of Torture

Special Tips

  • If you plan on visiting The London Eye, the SEA LIFE Aquarium, Madame Tussauds or The London Dungeon as well as Shrek's Adventure, you can purchase a joint ticket package to include two or more of the attractions and save a ton of money on ticket costs.
  • If you are travelling by car, you can pre-book a parking space at the Q-Park Westminster car park online and get 15% discount using the promotional code "SHREK."