The Ultimate Guide to the London Pass


If visiting up to 60 attractions in London for a fraction of the cost sounds like a dream come true, then you obviously haven’t heard of The London Pass. 

The London Pass is a travel card specifically designed for tourists in London who want to visit as many London attractions and landmarks as humanly possible during a short period of time…and for a fraction of the cost. Not only does The London Pass grant tourists free entry to over 60 attractions, customers can also take advantage of queue-jumping privileges at some of London’s top attractions, and each visitor will be given a guidebook packed full of all sorts of special offers and tips as well. 

The London Pass has been used by more than 3 million visitors since it was first introduced to the public, and can help save tourists over £103 in overall ticket costs during their stay in London.

How does The London Pass work?

The London Pass is essentially a smartcard that keeps a record of which attractions you visit, and when you use them. The card is valid for consecutive days from when it’s first used, with each day of validity being one calendar day rather than a 24-hour period. 

You can purchase a one-day pass, a two-day pass, or even six and ten-day passes, depending on how long your stay in London is. 

However, the longer your stay and your pass is, the more money you will eventually save; so if you only plan on visiting a handful of attractions during your trip to London, then The London Pass may not be for you. 

Once you purchase your London Pass, all you have to do is show your card at any entrance of a London attraction or landmark and you’ll instantly be allowed through without paying. Yes, it’s really that easy. 

You can also upgrade your London Pass with an Oyster Travelcard so you can get more bang for your buck when using the London Underground or any of London’s buses within travel zones 1 to 6. Once you purchase the extension, you will receive a Visitor Oyster Card that is pre-loaded with cash to cover all sorts of transportation fares within central London (or zones 1 and 2) according to the number of days you purchased for your London Pass. (However, if you are staying in London for longer than five days, it may be cheaper to purchase a 7-day Travelcard instead). 

Just by visiting three different attractions with your London Pass, you will save around £67, and by visiting six of London’s top attractions you can save over £75 on entrance fees alone. Also, if you visit three attractions a day during your stay in London you will save a whopping £120, and by the tenth day you will save a whopping £350! 

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What’s included in The London Pass?

What’s included in The London Pass?

  • Free entry into over 60 different attractions, tours and museums in London including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Hampton Court, Kensington Palace, the London Zoo, Kew Gardens, the Churchill War Rooms, Windsor Castle and many, many more. (Please note that the London Eye and Madame Tussauds are not included in The London Pass).
  • Fast-track entry into various attractions which could save you hours of waiting in line at London’s most popular landmarks (like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, just to name a few).
  • A free Hop-on Hop-off bus tour with Golden Tours
  • One river cruise on the River Thames
  • A 160-page guidebook full of tips, information and maps (available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese)
  • An optional Oyster Travelcard
  • Various discounts at shops and restaurants
  • Free entry into paid exhibitions at various museums (such as free audio guides at the National Gallery and free access into the IMAX 3D theatre at The Science Museum)

How do you buy The London Pass?

You can purchase your London Pass online through their official website (, and you can either have it shipped to your address (for a fee), or pick it up at their central London location office. (You can even have them send your order to your Smartphone via their new Mobile London Pass ticket scheme).

If you want to purchase your London Pass by phone, you can phone The London Pass’ office (between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays, or 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Sundays) at 020 7293 0972 (within the UK) or +44 20 7293 0972 (from outside of the UK). You can even call their office’s Skype number at (+44) 20 7193 6255.

You can also purchase your London Pass from various retail partners in London which sell the pass, including one at the company’s Redemption Desk (11a Charing Cross Road), as well as at the British Hotels Reservation Centres at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports. Alternatively, you can also purchase your London Pass at the Transport for London Information Centre at Heathrow Airport, or the Hotel and Travel Reservation desks at the Gatwick South, Luton and Stansted airports.

If you purchase your London Pass online, you will need to print-off the voucher (which should have been sent to your e-mail immediately after your order), and then collect your pass and guidebook from the company’s main office at:

11a Charing Cross London

London, WC2H 0EP

Their office is located between the Leicester Tube station and Trafalgar Square, just opposite the Garrick Theatre. The London Pass Desk is open every day from Monday to Sunday (10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), but is closed on December 25th, December 26th, and January 1st of every year.

Once you purchase your London Pass, you have 24 hours to cancel (and receive a full refund) as well as a whole year to activate it starting from the date of your purchase.

How much does The London Pass cost?

One-day passes cost:

  • £59 for adults (or £72 with an Oyster card)
  • 39 for children (or £45 with an Oyster card)

Two-day passes cost:

  • £79 for adults (or £97 with an Oyster card)
  • £59 for children (or £71 with an Oyster card)

Three-day passes cost:

  • £95 for adults (or £123 with an Oyster card)
  • £66 for children (or £84 with an Oyster card)

Six-day passes cost:

  • £129 for adults (or £172 with an Oyster Card)
  • £89 for children (or £119 with an Oyster card)

Ten-day passes cost:

  • £159 for adults (or £212 with an Oyster card)
  • £109 for children (or £162 with an Oyster card)