Come with us and discover a city with millenary history which has undergone as many as three great urban developments, each of them leaving proof of the city’s greatness in the form of its amazing architecture. On our Free Historical Center Tour of Lima you will fall in love with the city that was the capital of the South American continent for over two centuries!

Learn about the life and legacy of the Republic of Peru’s most important and longest-standing president, Augusto Seguía, the man who brought modernity to the capital together with the “Beaux Arts” architecture. Marvel at San Martín Square, inaugurated by Leguía in 1921, and hear the story of the emancipation of Peru under the statue of the Argentinean libertador José de San Martín. Admire the House of Peruvian Literature, and the old Desamparados train station, which is one of the best examples of architecture in South America.

Enjoy the spectacular colonial architecture of the Peruvian capital. For 289 years, from 1535 up until 1821, Lima was the capital of the Spanish empire in America, and thanks to this you can find some of the best examples of Baroque buildings on the planet in Lima’s Old Town, such as the incomparable Cathedral, or the palaces where the noblemen used to live, some of which were even constructed in a Spanish-Arabesque style known as Mudejar; a true celebration of beauty through construction!

However, the city didn’t start with the Spanish, not even close! Only in Lima you can one find up to 300 archaeological sites. Learn about the ancient civilizations which inhabited the area before the arrival of the Europeans, helping make Lima one of the world’s cradles of civilizations, such as the Incas who from Peru managed to built a great empire.

On our Free Historical Center Tour of Lima we will journey through the history and architecture of the city until we reach its most profound roots and understand the fascinating present of the city which respects its past but also looks towards the future.