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Best Free Tours in Gibraltar

Many people overlook Gibraltar, but this large limestone ridge peninsula is much more than a view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar. This rock contains centuries of history. Free Tours in Gibraltar offer you the opportunity to wander around notable landmarks, see the famous Barbary macaques, and hear legendary stories of British rule, Genoese, Spanish, Maltese, Arabic, and Portuguese heritage, and much more! Join the Free Walking Tours in Gibraltar to explore all the wonders found on “the Rock” alongside a local guide who will share fascinating takes and curiosities. Book the Essential Gibraltar City Tour and travel back in time to learn about Gibraltar’s strategic role, the invasions, its economy, traditions, and contemporary customs. A day in Gibraltar is not to be missed!

Highlights of a Free Tour in Gibraltar

Gibraltar screams history, mythology, adventure, culture, wildlife, and tales of war. Experience all this and more as you visit the main landmarks with Free Tours in Gibraltar. Starting with Prince Ferdinand’s Battery, a former artillery battery. Here you can learn some history but many travelers come for the famous Barbary macaques. This is their main hangout area and why it is also known as the Apes Den. (On from here is St. Michael’s Cave, a stunning underground network that was once thought to run all the way to Africa.) It was believed that the macaques used this tunnel to arrive in Gibraltar! Other highlights include the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque, the Great Siege Tunnels, Landport Tunnel and Devil’s Tongue Battery. To name but a few!

Things to Do in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Free Walking Tours are perfect to explore this unusual destination, especially if you enjoy climbing up rocks and stunning views. Head up to O’Hara’s Battery and take in the views from Gibraltar’s highest point. You can access this by riding the Gibraltar Cable Car. The journey is only 6 minutes, but you get breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Once you are at the top, you can find lots of the main attractions such as the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, where you can explore intriguing sites such as St. Michael’s Cave, Forbes Quarry (famous for being the site where the world’s first female neanderthal skull was found) and the newest addition, the Skywalk, where you can cross a suspension bridge. If you don’t want to take the cable car back, head down the winding Mediterranean steps for beautiful views.

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