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Best Free Tours in Cebu City

Most tourists pass through Cebu City on their way to the paradisiacal beaches of the Visayan Islands. But if you give it a chance, Cebu City can be an attractive, exciting and super fun place to explore. Join the Free Walking Tours in Cebu City to discover the interesting history of the oldest city in the country, its key role on the commercial routes between East and West, its Spanish colonial past and how the population was influenced by the brief American colonization. On the Essential Cebu City Free Walking Tour, you will walk through the downtown with a local guide and find old churches, Spanish-style buildings and interesting museums. This will also be an opportunity to learn about local culture, customs, religion and gastronomy. In addition, there are Cebu City Tours that will take you to explore the best of Philippine food in street markets.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Cebu City

The best-known tourist attraction in Cebu City is the Magellan's Cross. It is a small chapel with a spectacularly painted ceiling depicting the first encounter between the explorer Magellan and the population of Cebu. Under this colorful painting you will find a large wooden cross which, according to legend, belonged to Magellan himself. It is a symbol of Catholicism in the islands and you will see many locals praying in front of it. On the nearby coast, Fort San Pedro is another landmark worth visiting. Although small, it is the oldest military post in the country, built in the 16th century as the first settlement of the Spanish community. The Plaza de la Independencia, the Basilica Menor del Santo Niño de Cebu, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Yap-San Diego Ancestral House and other Spanish-style colonial mansions are also interesting.

Things to Do in Cebu City

Cebu City boasts some of the best shopping malls in all of the Philippines, making it a great destination for fashion addicts. In the Ayala area you will find all kinds of western-style shops, restaurants and entertainment areas. The Carbon Market and Taboan Public Market, on the other hand, are traditional and bustling markets selling fresh produce, cheap clothes and everything you can imagine. There you can buy 'danggit', the most famous product of the area: salted and sun-dried rabbitfish that is usually eaten with rice. Nearby Mactan Island is a perfect place to enjoy the beach, go scuba diving or snorkeling. In addition, Cebu City is the gateway to the beaches of the Visayan Islands and their natural wonders. There are private door-to-door tours that go to the famous Bohol and the famously round-shaped Chocolate Mountains.

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