Essential Free Tour Cardiff

  • Find out where to go, what to eat and how to have an amazing time in the Welsh capital.
  • Take advantage of the best photo and video opportunities around the Cardiff Castle grounds.
  • Discover curious Welsh specialties under the Victorian arcades of the Central Market.
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Join the Essential Free Tour in Cardiff to explore the best of this beautiful city, the capital and largest city of Wales, located on the south coast of the United Kingdom. You will find a fascinating culture where Welsh tradition, crafts and customs mix with modern shopping malls and avenues. During your free tour, your group will get to know the most visible and visited attraction in the city: Cardiff Castle. Walk through the green castle grounds and take as many photos and videos as you wish. You'll get an up-close look at the Norman Keep, the impressive polygonal structure surrounded by a moat that once protected the city of Cardiff. Without leaving the castle, you will also see the beautiful Clock Tower and its figures, which represent the main planets with their respective zodiac.

During the tour, your guide will tell you about the deep underground tunnels from World War II and the ancient Roman battlements on top of the castle. In addition, in the extensive parks that surround the castle you will have the opportunity to learn about the extremely wealthy Bute family, former owners of the castle and most of the city. The Essential Free Tour in Cardiff will also take you into the heart of the city, the Old Town. Check out the Cardiff Museum, where you can learn all about the city's history. Nearby, you'll find the National Museum of Wales, a renowned art and history gallery. In addition, your guide will teach you all about the Welsh wooden love spoon and you will discover why you need to give one to the person you love.

In the Old Town area that is visited throughout the tour you will also walk close to Central Market and some of the most famous of the shopping arcades that Cardiff is famous for. Walk Cardiff High Street and discover its architecture, historic pubs, and quirky little shops. Check out the traditional pubs, where you can try the ‘faggots’ — that’s their real name! — and wash them down with a pint of Brains beer, which is brewed right there, in the city of Cardiff. You can even check out the Brewery Quarter, for the ultimate beer-tasting experience. Book the Essential Free Tour of Cardiff today and get to know the real city, where everything is pretty much within walking distance and ancient and modern architecture, traditions, and culture blend seamlessly.
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