Free Communism Tour Budapest

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Free Communism Tour Budapest

  • Hear local people talking of what life was like in Budapest behind the Iron Curtain.
  • Visit the last standing Soviet Heroic Memorial in Liberty Square.
  • See the bronze bullets monument, a poignant reminder of the horrific outcome of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising.
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Tour Features

These are some of the features your tour might include, but please bear in mind that every guide create their unique itinerary to provide the best possible experience.

Join the Free Communism Tour in Budapest and trace the history of communism as well as visiting some of the city’s most notable landmarks alongside a passionate guide. As you walk your guide will tell you about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, what life was like behind the Iron Curtain, and the legacy that Communism has left behind. This tour is perfect for all types of visitors, it will provide eye-opening historical explanations, entertaining anecdotes and time to enjoy the sights and take photos. Join a local guide and a small group of travelers to stroll around the Hungarian Parliament Building a building that has withstood two world wars, uprisings, and revolutions. You will learn that it was the scene of the momentous moment in 1989 when Hungary officially declared its transition from communism to a democratic government.

In the square opposite the parliament building, you will find a monument to the 1956 Hungarian Uprising. It was here in 1956 that many people gathered to protest against communist rule and where tragically many were killed fighting for their freedom. At the Ministry of Agriculture, there is a simple yet deeply poignant memorial, Bronze Bullets, dedicated to the victims of Bloody Thursday when hundreds died. You will hear a full account of the events that took place during the months of the uprising. Near here is the only Soviet Heroic Memorial left in the city. Dedicated to the Red Army in gratitude for liberating Budapest after the Second World War, here you’ll discover why it is such a divisive landmark for many in the city.

In the same square is the Ronald Reagan Statue, here there will be an opportunity to discuss the Cold War and Hungary’s relationship with America and their role in helping to bring down the Iron Curtain. Budapest is also home to the House of Terror. The building is a museum now but it has a past that reflects its current name. It was used by the brutal far-right party Arrow Cross (1944-45) and then by the communist Secret Services. Walking along Budapest historical center you will listen to stories about what everyday life was like for citizens living under the communist regime. On the Communism Free Tour guests will be able to unravel the difficult communist past of Budapest and understand how its legacy has left its mark on the city.

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