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Best Free Tours in Bamberg

Exploring the UNESCO World Heritage treasures of Bamberg, Germany, has never been easier or more fun! Join the Bamberg free walking tours and come exploring with a passionate local guide! The Essential Bamberg City Tour is the perfect way to get acquainted with the old town's culture and history. You'll wander past iconic sites around the Cathedral and learn about Bamberg's long past as a trading center. For those looking for an evening out, join the Free Night Tour and take in views of illuminated churches and bridges while learning interesting stories of Bamberg's past. And lastly, sample some of Bamberg's best craft beers on the Beers of Bamberg Free Tour — a great way to relax after a day of exploring! Joining free tours is ideal for tourists who want to experience all that Bamberg has to offer without breaking the bank. Plus, these tours are guided by locals who can provide valuable information on the sights, sounds, food and culture of the city. So why not grab your walking shoes and explore one (or more!) of these fantastic free tours in Bamberg?

Highlights of a Free Tour in Bamberg

From its stunning Baroque architecture to its diverse range of viewpoints, there's something for everyone in the Bamberg Free Walking Tours. Start your journey at Little Venice, the wonderful former fishermen's district, with stunning views of the bridges and waterside buildings. Then, head over to Cathedral Square (Domplatz), where you can admire the church's magnificent architecture and observe historic houses. Don't miss out on visiting Bamberg Cathedral, an awe-inspiring Gothic structure that towers over the city skyline. Next up is Alte Hofhaltung (Old Court) and the curious Old Town Hall, built in 1386 in the middle of the Regnitz River! Be sure to also stroll down Brewery Street, lined with charming residences and beer gardens that trace back centuries! During your tour, you will explore the local culture and gain a more profound understanding of Bamberg's former magnificence as well as its gruesome past — like witch hunting in the 17th century. Taking a free walking tour in Bamberg is guaranteed to be a memorable adventure that you won't soon forget!

Things to Do in Bamberg

Bamberg offers a wide variety of activities that will please tourists of all types! For history buffs and art lovers, Bamberg is home to a number of museums including the Historical Museum of Bamberg, where visitors can learn about the city's storied past and the Ludwig Collection in the Old Town Hall. Food lovers rejoice in Bamberg as it has something for every palette. From traditional Franconian dishes like 'sauerbraten' and 'bratwurst' to international cuisine, you won't be disappointed. And no trip to Bamberg would be complete without sampling some of its delicious beers — try one (or many!) at one of its local breweries! If you're looking to spend time outdoors, you can walk along the Regnitz River or explore the Rose Garden. Cycling is also popular here — take a scenic ride through Hainpark for amazing views! Bamberg is also a great place for shopping — make sure to visit Market Square and Karolinen Street, where you can find everything from locally made delicacies to souvenirs. And if nightlife is your thing, Bamberg has plenty of pubs, bars and nightclubs to keep you entertained!

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