Join our Free Historical Center Tour of Amsterdam and discover a city built on marshland seven centuries ago and which today has 150 canals and 1250 bridges. A city which is synonym of tolerance and freedom, where color, religion or background have no say in your social status. The city of tulips and bicycles. The city of free trade. The city with the tallest people in the world. The Venice of the North!

Learn about the amazing Dutch engineering, admired world wide, and thanks to which the people who had lived in the Amstel river for over 4000 years, managed to turn a marsh land into a city by building a great big dam, Amsteleredam was created, and all that happened as far back as the 12th Century! Walk through the canals which were dug in order to facilitate trade, so important to understand the business mentality of the Dutch.

Hear about the Golden Age, when Amsterdam became a republic which attracted rich merchants from Antwerp and Portuguese Jews. Hear also how the city focused on trade overseas and thrived for the next few decades, still nowadays you can see the warehouses built then now transformed into residential homes. Hear also how the logistics worked making use of the canal network, and the role the infamous Dutch East India Company played within it all. Meet the Tripp Brothers in front of their unique house-palace in the middle of the city, they personified the Dutch innate ability to make business out of pretty much any situation, in their case by selling weapons to pretty much anybody during the war fueled 17th century.

On our Free Historical Center Tour of Amsterdam you will walk through its over 4000 years of history, from its tribal beginnings, through when it became a city and then the most important trading harbor in the world, to today when it enjoys its status as one of the most iconic European capitals!