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Join our Free La Laguna Tour and discover a 500+ year old city, a UNESCO world heritage site, which was founded when the Crown of Castile conquered the island in 1496. Located just a short tram ride away from Santa Cruz, it’s a truly gorgeous site—overflowing in mystery, romance, desire, and intrigue.

La Laguna was the island’s capital up until the 19th Century, reflecting exquisite architectonic marvels in every corner. You’ll be delighted by its churches and palaces, which display a wide range of flamboyant styles, ranging from Gothic, to Plateresque, to Mudéjar, to Baroque and Neoclassical. You’ll also learn about the rivalry between the nobility and the Church, understanding how the latter even came to affect the city’s design. Stroll through the typical 17th Century Canary patios, which you won’t find anywhere else in the world, and you’ll suddenly find yourself suspended in time while the warm ocean breeze sweeps over you.

The story of one of the island’s most famous characters—Amaro Pargo, the notorious pirate—will unfold before your eyes. Discern how he amassed a substantial amount of riches through wicked ploys and trade, but with time became devout and generous, donating his fortune to the poor, orphans, and prisoners—largely influenced by his intimate relationship with Maria de Jesus, the renowned “incorrupt nun”, whose body remains intact to this day, three centuries after being buried! A curious balance can be found on this island, which brought the most infamous and the most pious characters together. Discover the passionate story of their entangled lives, despite the long periods of time when the pirate was away in distant shores!

On our Free Tour of La Laguna, you’ll travel through time as you stroll through the streets of an old and glorious city, which treasures torturous tales of pirates, nuns, death, betrayal, and ghostly appearances. Come and discover the other, more cheerful, face of this beautiful place as well, a university town which gained fame 3 centuries ago, thus offering a fun and upbeat ambiance for everyone. Discover Tenerife’s hidden gem with us today!