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Join our Free Historical Centre Tour of Tenerife and discover the electrifying history of an island that became the focus of the New World’s conquest—a tale of pirates and corsairs, of great naval battles and attempts to take over this magnificent haven in the Atlantic, all of which failed.

Unravel the story of the Castilian raid, whereby the Guanche people, the island’s aboriginal inhabitants, were subdued. Visit the Church of the Immaculate Conception, which faces the Santa Cruz, or Holy Cross—the venerated relic that gives the city its name—where the first Catholic mass was held in Tenerife. Explore with us and bask in the sun while enjoying the tropical and relaxed atmosphere that characterizes the Canary archipelago’s most attractive island.

Learn about the only battle that the seemingly invincible Admiral Nelson lost as a result of the islanders’ courage and bravery, when farmers, fishermen, and shepherds left their tools aside and picked up rifles instead in order to defend their homeland. Discover how the city flourished, from its origins as a military camp to becoming the Canary islands’ capital.

In the 18th Century, Santa Cruz became one of the most important ports in the Atlantic Ocean, a first class harbour which dispatched all sorts of merchandise, mostly destined for Spain and the United Kingdom. This resulted in the settlement of a large British and Irish population, which encouraged a very interesting cultural mix which can be seen on the island today.

On our Free Historical Centre Tour of Santa Cruz, you’ll stroll through the history of this vibrant city, which played a major role in the Colonial era. You’ll uncover the stages of its urban development, its legendary naval battles, its influence in commerce, making your journey through time up to present-day, seeing how Tenerife has become an important hub which perfectly combines its rich history with innovation and modernism. You will be captivated by this magnificent island that thrived at the foothills of the Teide volcano!