Strawberry Promise

Our Strawberry Promise means that part of the tips received on all our tours will be destined to contributing towards a local charity. We carefully select the charity we want to support in each city where we operate, because we’re committed to helping disadvantaged communities. Why do we do it?

Strawberry Tours and Responsible Tourism

At Strawberry Tours we believe in Responsible Tourism. We believe that tourism can be an activity which is beneficial not just for our customers but for every local community in which we operate.

Responsible tourism has two main aspects:

  • Enhancing local cultures throughout the world
  • Having a positive impact on local communities

The very nature of our work takes care of the first aspect, as on our tours you will get a deeper understanding of the culture and city that you are visiting. Our tours highlight the cultural eccentricities of each individual city that make it unique, and thus we help its preservation.

As for the second aspect, the nature of our company partially takes care for it; as we provide a platform for local guides to be able to show the city that they grew up in and love. Not only that, we provide them with a business infrastructure by helping them create their own Strawberry Tours franchise. That way every time you go on a Strawberry Tour, regardless of where you are in the world, you will be supporting a local enterprise.

However, that only takes care of it partially, as we want to have an even bigger positive impact in the local communities where we operate. For this part we needed to be more proactive, so that’s why we decided to create the Strawberry Promise - to take our commitment that little bit further.

Our Current Project in Tenerife: Fundación Foresta

One of the biggest attractions of the Canary Islands is their natural wealth and beauty. But due to a combination of factors (such as greenhouse gas emissions, fires, uncontrolled logging and even the conquest of the 15th century), the forest mass of the Canary Archipelago has been depleting at an alarming rate. That’s why Strawberry Tours is proud to be supporting the Fundación Foresta in their efforts of increasing the forest mass of the Canary Islands.

The Fundación Foresta is the only private non-profit organization that carries out its own reforestation efforts in the Archipelago, and has been working hard at recovering, maintaining and preserving the forest mass of the Canary Islands. Since 1998, the foundation has reforested around 400 hectares with 270,000 trees from the different ecosystems of the Canary Islands.

Thanks to Strawberry Tours supporting Fundación Foresta as part of their "Adopt a Tree" program, the foundation will sponsor a tree (or a group of trees) which will be planted on behalf of the company. With each tree, the foundation is able to add approximately ten kilos of CO2 each year, and infiltrate approximately 26 litres of water into the subsoil.

Thank you for your support!