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Join our Free Södermalm Hipster Tour and come with us for a beautiful walk around Södermalm, the most modern, hipster, and trendiest area of the South Island. On this tour, you will understand how the island’s eco-friendly movement has started, how it earned its reputation of being a self-sustainable neighborhood, and why the island of Folkungagatan is now called “Hipster Island.”

When walking around Södermalm, you will feel its relaxed and friendly atmosphere thanks to its urban nucleus surrounded by many gardens and parks. Visit the 17th century Baroque-style Church of Saint Katarina, and enjoy its hidden landscape points from where the sunset looks incredible. Explore the farmers market and mingle with the locals that come here looking for fresh fruit, mushrooms and honey. All products are homemade! Stroll down Götagatan Street and be amazed with the large number of second-hand stores, beautiful art galleries, vintage shops, music cafés, veggie and eco-friendly shops, urban crops, and quite possibly the best bars and pubs in town.

Learn the history behind Södermalm’s vibrant and young soul, a new area that was born from the city’s urgent need of housing because of the massive growth of its population over the last 20 years. Learn all about the “Vision 2040” plan, and find out how Stockholm is on its way to becoming a climate-smart city by getting rid of fossil fuels and working only with sustainable energy.

After everything you are going to experience on our Free Södermalm Hipster Tour, you will be so bombarded with nature, arts, bohemia and great recommendations for coffee and local restaurants, that you’ll be wishing you could stay in this city forever. This part of Stockholm is a prime example for every European city to follow: The perfect combination of social acceptance, cultural flow, economic power and green development. The city has worked very hard to achieve this, and still is, with one sole purpose: As the Swedish say around here: “Borta bra men hemma bäst,” which literally translates to “away is good but home is best.